AOSB Assault Course

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Yorkshire Lad, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. Hi ladies and gents,

    Apologies if this topic has been covered, however I seem to be coming up with nothing similar when I hit the search function.

    I'm basically looking for information on what to expect on the assault course and maybe keep a little list here for anyone to see in future.

    So far the only things I've heard of are:

    Cargo Net Climb

    Log Carry - As a team, running with a large log on a rope I believe?

    Rope Climb

    Some form of long jump?

    If anyone can confirm the above obstacles and let me know of anymore or anything to be careful of on the obstacles it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. OK - first two are bollocks. Maybe in the past but not anymore. The most recently person I spoke to with an AOSB pass went last summer, at the end of june. Pretty sure it's not changed so: You start with a jump from behind a line onto a platform (onto stomach). Then jump for a rope and swing across a barrier. You may then attempt the rest in any order, but you must complete them all (unless it's obvious to the DS you can't manage it) before you begin a second circuit again starting with the jump to the platform. There is:
    A long jump
    Two hurdles to be cleared
    A wall (7ft I think) to be climbed
    A rope climb onto a platform and then jump down
    A slide with a cage over the top: you have to jump up and grab the tall end and climb over before sliding to the bottom on your front
    A set of steps like croquet hoops: three in total, each taller than the last. You need to carry a small log over as well

    Oh yeah, and you have two minutes (I'm pretty sure). This will all be re-iterated to you by the DS, obviously if there are any changes don't protest that "someone on the internet said otherwise"!
  3. There is also the secret & very difficult test which anyone who has passed will not disclose to you. No dramas...
  4. Oh aye, I'd forgotten about that one!

    It really is no problems!
  5. I thought it was really hard, but I was only 18 when I passed and first time too, without needing to ask complete random strangers who might or might not be well informed...
  6. I remember a rope swing as well and the slide/cage had a ammo box you had to push through.
  7. I was at AOSB in May. The assault course looks like a childs adventure playground but don't let that fool you. After my turn I could taste the blood from my lungs. Just ensure you're very fit - lots circuit training will help (I was 41 then).

    You're shown how to tackle each obstacle so don't worry. Just don't show any signs of being risk averse - launch into each obstacle.

    Good luck.