AOSB and HE Bursary Scheme

Not entirely where this should be placed but here goes.

As it stands it is my intention to go regular after University, of which I have two years left. I had intended to apply for the bursary scheme however never got round to it but the extra £1500 would be very hand indeed for oiling up one's brain with ridicuously cheap alcohol and the odd book.

It is my understanding that in order to be awarded with the bursary I must pass AOSB (Regular) and here in lies the question. I am currently in the process of chasing a TA commission having sat the briefing already I need to pass Main Board.

If I am not mistaken since sitting the TA Briefing in 2006 the boards have merged however there seems to be some minor differences between the the Regular and Territorial boards.

Question is if I go ahead and sit the Regular Main Board in order to qualify for the bursary does that pass count for my TA Commission and when I finally join up after University?

The short answer is yes.

An AOSB Reg Board pass counts as a TA board pass.

You have to to do a conversion board - which is just a paperwork exercise- you dont need to go back to AOSB.

Whoever is sponsoring you to go to Main Board and the TA unit you are working with need to chat and phone up AOSB so hopefully they can do it all at the same time.

This is pretty common so AOSB should be able to sort it easily.
I'm at Aberdeen University and in the OTC on paper. Plan is to do TACC this September and transfer to 7SCOTS assuming all goes well on Ex Summer Leader.
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