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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Daz Evans, Apr 28, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys,
    I'm new here, but it seems you guys know your stuff!

    So, I've applied to join the army as an officer, had my interview, passed the initial interview and i have my briefing booked for the 7/8 of sept, ages away i know.
    Little about me, I’m 21 years old, about to finish uni, should get a 2-1 in exploration geology, i'm active, social and outgoing. Currently president of the university kickboxing club with over 225 members.
    Now for the main part,
    I want to be the best there, fitness isn't a problem, i run 5 miles 5 times a week, can do 100+ press ups, 100+ sit ups etc., so should fly by on that.
    I'm just curious as to what you guys would say on how to prepare for the other aspects, I'm doing speed/time/distance calculations for about 30 mins a night to get red hot on those as my maths is a bit rusty, i read bbc news every day so have a broad knowledge of current affairs.
    So what would you guys suggest i do to make sure that i am 100% prepared, I’m determined to become an officer and i won't stop until i do.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Start by accepting there'll probably be somebody better :p
  3. And don't just watch BBC news. Have a look at Al Jazeera too and a couple of the other news sites on the internet.
  4. do some Plan Exs and practice writing a few one page essays, and you will be fine. The important bits at AOSB are the things you can't prepare for ie: command tasks, interviews, ect...were you will be judged on your personality and ability to lead/co operate/integrate/ect....
    And guess what RMAS is the same command appointments and interviews will determine your future in the army.
  5. In addition to the things already mentioned, I would recommend that you also start to read The Week. It is an excellent way of getting a balanced view of current affairs and news.

    Other than that, be able to speak confidently in front of a group of strangers. Be able to issue and take clear direction without being a dick and be fit.
  6. Make sure you have a good answer to the following:

    Why do you want to join the Army - and why as an Officer?
    What is the role of an Officer?
    Why do think you will be suited to the job?

    Always be confident in everything you do, a lack of confidence will lead to indecisiveness, and will be seized on by the the staff. For example, the moment you get on the minibus outside the station, greet all the other candidates, and make some conversation.

    Pick your essay structure now and then practice it - the questions are all basically the same style. Ensure you give points for both side of the argument, and then give a definite conclusion - don't sit on the fence.

    On the command tasks, only speak if you've got something worth hearing. We had a chap who just kept blabbing on about how much time we had left (every 30 seconds), constantly giving praise for every little thing, and generally just waffling on trying to get himself heard by the staff. The end result was that everyone in our section started to get pissed off with him, and the staff will have seen straight through his efforts to be noticed by being louder than everyone else.

    Finally, do your best to come across as a decent guy. There was another guy on my board who was up to speed on all the assessments - he was just an arrogant prick at the same time. At the end of the board, his section was asked by their sergeant if said fellow was as much of a twat when the staff were not around - to which the answer was a yes. I've little doubt when i believe that he didn't pass.
  7. But did he pass?

    You weren't on my board earlier this year were you, or are these types a common occurrence? We had one who managed to piss off his whole section, most of the rest of the board and the SSgts running the organisational side of things; this was all noted, I am told, by the DS. He categorically did not pass, and it was his second sitting. I had the pleasure of sitting next to him at the dinner, where he proceeded to lecture me on port etiquette. Beautiful.
  8. If i'm honest, i don't know. I doubt it helped his situation though.

    The only defining feature i can remember is that he was ginger. Didn't really have a lot going for him, now that i think about it.
  9. hi

    Hoping somone could answer some of the following please?

    My AOSB is in 2 days, and Im paranoid as hell. So;

    - are the current affairs very technical, like details of political parties, in general discussion of what is happening, or more general like moral topics?

    - so im working for citi presently and i get up at 6 and get home at 7. not making excuses, cuz i know I shouldve prepared. i tried the bleep test, approximating the 20m, and after exerting everything i had in me, i hit a 4.8 (im female btw), as opposed to the 8.1 i should be getting. is the bleep test all that diff? and do you downright FAIL if you dont do till 8.1, or how does it work?

    - are there panel interviews or one on ones?

    - also, are the interviews very tough, or are they like a nice dialogue? if you know what i mean.

    -lastly, my father was an admiral in the pakistan army, so iv a good knowledge about the forces, but what else do i need to know when it come to 'army knowledge'?

    Would REALLY appreciate the help. Im scared i might just get a panic attack on the day.

  10. Hello,

    Current affairs ranges from relaxed to quite difficult depending on how much other group members know, for me it was relaxed, we talked about things like the 1p fuel levy, and wikileaks, but nothing was particularly in-depth apart from the odd comment.

    If you fail the bleep test and assault course, at most you'll get a Category 2 pass with delay to improve on your fitness (as long as you're good on other aspects of the briefing), make sure you give 110% though, until you're red in the face and your knees are shaking, don't look like you cant be bothered!

    I attended end of march, and there was one 5 minute 1on1 interview with your group supervisor, make sure you know what your job will entail, and why you want to be an officer, that's the main question I kept getting asked in different ways! they want to check your motivation for joining!

    As for how hard they are, don't recall mine being very hard at all, its just a few casual questions, he'll start by asking how you're finding the briefing so far to calm you down a bit, but its such a short interview you'll be out the door in no time, make an impression!

    Lastly don't panic attack! It's supposed to be a taster and eye-opener for you and the guys testing you! Being relaxed will really make things a lot easier
  11. I have my aosb briefing this saturday.
    Im 100% sure I will smash the physical side of the assesments, so no worries there, but am not confident on what 'history of army' questions i may be asked to expand on, as the topic is so wide and generalised, i dont want to go there, having researched off-the-topic information......
    Also, i'v seen people comment on practise essay writing, are these essays on current affairs, and if so, will they be current affairs locally, or on a more global scale?
    Finally, the MAP tests, how long do these go on for? was just wondering, as i have done some practise ones and find them okay, however, need to be prepared as to how focused im going to need to be.....

    Thanks. dave.
  12. I was unsuccessful in my last attempt. I've got my second main board in July - so in my humble opinion just remember a large part of being "the best there" is being able to work well as an equal in your syndicate. Smashing out hundreds of press-ups and running/climbing faster than anyone else is good, but just a small part in the overall package they're looking for.

    They remind you (in two seperate interviews in my case) that you're far more likely to pass as part of your group than as an individual. You are NOT in competition with your peers.
  13. Yeah i've heard that quite a bit since i posted this, i'd still like to be in the top 1/3rd, but as you said, i don't want to be the guy who does everything the fastest etc.
  14. Hey dave,

    When I went to my RM interview I though I knew enough on 'History of the Navy' and current affairs Ect. , but after strenuous attempts from the interviewing lieutenant to disprove this I was left looking like an idiot, simply because I did not know enough. The lieutenant however said that this was fine as I had managed to get around them properly and not been flustered by the the fact that I had known B*gger all.

    Obviously try and brush up on as much military history as you can, but keep a cool head and carry on if it all goes down the plug hole.
  15. Hi all,

    I have my briefing coming up soon and after some revision of the guidance notes, I haven't noticed anything about a current affairs essay, is this at the briefing or just the main board? And are there any other mental aptitude tests apart from verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning tests?