AOSB 6-7th March

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Whomps, Dec 11, 2009.

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  1. Hey!

    Finally got my dates through for AOSB after chasing after my GP for weeks on end, and now very excited about the prospect of leaving my desk job behind. I think though, sadly, it's time to eat less mince pies, chocolate etc and spend more time on the treadmill - a fun ol' Christmas!

    Just wondered if anyone else has these dates too? How is everyone preparing?

    I'm reading the Guardian/Economist and I get the MOD email updates too. I'm going to step up my game on the fitness and crack open my aptitude test book for the MAP. Anything else anyone would advise?


  2. Try reading a broard range of papers - Guardian is a little leftie, the Telegraph and Times have a little more of interest to people who care about the forces. The BBC and Al Jezeera are both worth while as they give you snippets and are quick to read especially while you are at work. We were told to mix up what we read about lots of different sources so you can appreciate and understand a wide range of varying opinions.

    My briefing was asked about a certian French footballers indescretion.

    Run outside (it is harder work but better for your overall conditioning - will improve your balance), do the bleep test and make sure you can clime a 7ft wall. I would not worry about the MAP tests too much just make sure you can add and subtract, read a graph and know your times tables. the spacial reasoning tests are a little left field.

    If you live in a town that holds BMF sessions you should try those out - the people who take the sessions will know about the physical requirements and guide you on proper technique.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Sounds like your doing all the right things for preparation. Just make sure you get involved in all the tasks and do your share. I believe the interviews are a chance for you to really be sincere about who you are and it is a chance for you to tell them what makes you 'tick', so to speak.

    Make sure that have you a good alternative option to an army officer career as they like to see this.

    Don't let any negative thoughts enter your mind during AOSB. Do not dwell on how well you did in one task whilst you beginning a new task.

    Briefing will be over so fast, so enjoy it and take all their tips and hints for Main Board.

    ajm1982- we got the french footballers indescretion in our briefing on 30th Nov-1st Dec, where you on that briefing?
  4. Thanks for the advice! Duly noted and should definitely help.

  5. Yo Whomps, i'm on this one. Its breifing number two for me, as i busted my arm at my last one. but i'll be there on the 6th/7th.... preparation wise, i'd suggest making sure you can do Verbal/Numerical/Abstract reasoning tests well. The current affairs stuff isnt to bad, as long as you watch the news and stuff... but yea phys is important, the outside assult course is hard. My friend did the indoor one because it was raining, and he said that isnt too bad.... but yea its a tight christmas for me too pal, i wanna drop 7kgs before then, just to make sure i'm nice and nibble... anyone got any diet tips?
  6. Expend more calories than you ingest.


    Run some more.
  7. yea standard. how can you retain muscle though and only burn fat?

  8. Basically eat as healthy and balanced a diet as you can, but with enough of a calorie deficit that your weight will fall, do plenty of free weights and/or body weights to maintain strength and get lots of miles done..............
  9. Yeah I gotta start putting the miles in myself! This snow doesn't make that seem like a particularly appealing idea right now though!

    Glad to hear from someone else going too. Ah I'm alright on verbal and abstract reasoning but have to work on my numerical and speed/time/distance calcs too.

    What is it you're hoping to go in for?

  10. You may as well crack on outside in crap weather - PT doesn't stop at RMAS because it's snowing!
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  12. Agreed. Also do loads of reps at a high rate with a lowish weight. That tends to burn fat and retain lean muscle.

    Whatever you do to trim calories off your diet, make sure you have more protein than you need or else you will start to burn muscle.
  13. Top Tip:

    Also, try to say "Yes" rather than "Yea" or Yeah" during your board. An dnt wrt n txt spk m8!

    Good luck old chap.
  14. And on the subject of group discussions, know the facts, but think about them and have an opinion.
  15. Read a from a variety of sources, make sure you keep contributing, however better to keep your mouth shut and be thought of as stupid, than open it and remove all doubt . We were also asked to think of our own topics then the DS picked one for us to discuss.

    One of the biggest tips is to get up and present your introduction first - shows determination.