AOSB 6-7th March


Finally got my dates through for AOSB after chasing after my GP for weeks on end, and now very excited about the prospect of leaving my desk job behind. I think though, sadly, it's time to eat less mince pies, chocolate etc and spend more time on the treadmill - a fun ol' Christmas!

Just wondered if anyone else has these dates too? How is everyone preparing?

I'm reading the Guardian/Economist and I get the MOD email updates too. I'm going to step up my game on the fitness and crack open my aptitude test book for the MAP. Anything else anyone would advise?



Firstly, good luck.. Secondly, you will get more - and better - replies if you post this in the Regular Officer Recruiting forum (top of the Officers page). That is set up for this type of chat and already contains lots of these threads.

Thank you, much appreciated.

Ah yes, my mistake I'll repost in the other forum.


A couple of bits of advice that may earn you a few extra points...

On the command tasks, make sure you call everyone over and take control, say eg "21- you be my timekeeper and keep me posted every 2 minutes, 17- you are my 2IC, and if my plan is not working then i want you to give me an alternative. Split the course into 3 stages in your mind.

You will have to give a 5 minute presentation from your CV, they will give you a list of 5 from it. Try to guess a couple of subjects they might list, and have something in your mind prepared. If you can, try to do it without reading from notes, as if you cannot talk about yourself for 5 minutes, something is wrong. It will earn you extra points.

Hope this helps

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