AOSB - 4 - 5 Feb 13

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Joyce127, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. Hi Gents/Ladies.Just wondering if anyone is on their Briefing Board on the dates 4-5 Feb 13. If so see you there!
  2. No, sadly not. I do have a slightly relevant question as I'm waiting on AOSB to send me briefing dates. How long ago did you select this date?
  3. Waiting for them to send you briefing dates? Give them a call Modern and ask when you can be next booked onto your briefing. Keep pestering them. I was originally on the 7-8 Jan 13 one, however due to family emergency i couldnt go. I chose this date on the 8th Jan when they offered me it.
  4. I'll give them a call on Monday, they received my CV before Christmas and my medical forms on January 3rd. I'm aware they only started back on the 3rd after a 2.5 week break so I have cut them some slack. Also going to put myself forward as a reserve should anyone drop out of briefing at short notice since I'd be keen to get to RMAS asap.

    Good luck for 4/5th!
  5. I'm heading over to Briefing on the 4th-5th aswell, so I'll see you there.
  6. Thanks Modern.See you there Bossman!