AOSB 23 March 2010

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by hmp01, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. Hi just wondering if anyone is going to the Mainboard on 23 March??
  2. I'll be there mate! ... how's your prep going?
  3. Cool. Not bad just reading newspapers, running and practicing planning exercises! How's yours?
  4. I have my AOSB briefing 22/23rd March
  5. Are you travelling down the night before?
  6. also got my briefing on the 22nd/23rd!

    anyone got the list of b&b's/recommend one? the email aint come through from Westbury and would like to book it as soon as...

  7. Redwood Lodge with Sandy Newman.
  8. There's only one place to stay and that's got to be Redwood Lodge! Quality establishment with a lovely fry up in the morning, Sandy is awesome. I've got my room booked for the 22nd. Anyone else travelling down the night before? I'm just trying to get the plan ex's nailed as that's what i see being the trickiest part, other than that just making sure i'm as fit as i can be and up to date on those current affairs! ... trying to pick up a bit of general knowledge here and there, but it's quite a wide subject!
  9. Yeh I will have to travel down the night before but have to book a B&B yet!
  10. If anyone needs practice planning exercises I have a few I can email.
  11. pm sent if you would be so kind.