AOSB 15/07/10

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Xoums, Jun 11, 2010.

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  1. Anybody from here attending the Main Board on the date mentioned in the title?
    Pressure and excitement are building up slowly.
    Just got back from a very pleasant Potential Infantry Officers visit at Warminster, was really good fun, I recommend it to all.
  2. PBW

    PBW Swinger

    Hi Xoums,

    Long term listener, first time caller or somehing to that effect.

    Have just finished my main board and am now eagerly awaiting my results to be discovered post 3 peaks challenge on Sunday night/Monday morning. Just wanted to wish you and all going to Westbury good luck - try not to worry too much you will feel down at some point but bond as a group and work together! If it's meant for you it will be (apparently!).
  3. Enjoy the three peak challenge I did it two and a half weeks ago, it was great fun, Ben Nevis was partially covered with snow at the top.

    Thanks for the advice, I hope you get the good news you are expecting on your return.

    PS:Watch out for taxi drivers in Cumbria though.....
  4. Xoums, not got a date for main board yet, but just wanted to wish you best of luck.