Aorthotic Insoles and Trainers

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ipaq, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. Hi,
    recently got some new trainers, which I've been using with my aorthotic insoles (Insoles used for lower RHS back pain). However I've notice that the arch in the trainers is pretty high, which when combined with the aorthotics is causing knee pain. Does anyone know of a "neutral" running trainer, which does not have a raised inner arch? I've trawled the internet and not found a lot. I've even tried the local sports store and got a few blank looks! Any help gratefully appreciated.....

  2. Think you mean Orthotic mate, You say you've tried a sport shop, is this as asport shop like JJB etc that sells mostly chav wear?

    Try and find a proper running shop, they tend to be very knowledgeable and many can do gait analysis so you get the right trainers for you, have a look in the back of a magazine like runners world for shops near you.
  3. try one of the Up and Running stores, they're all over the country, really good at what they do and they even do in store gait analysis.

    Or Start Fitness on the interweb do some good deals.
  4. Examine the shoe carefully; you might find that the manufacturer's insole is removeable.

  5. That's correct Litotes. A good dap should have a removable insole. Sportshoes .com are pretty good but I concur with previous comments, nothing beats a proper running shoe shop to get fitted properly, orthotics on top of the normal insole is a non-starter really. Good luck, Headgash.