AOL users, you are now owned by the Carphone Warehouse!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. Carphone Warehouse has won the auction to buy the UK's third-largest internet provider, AOL UK.

    Carphone Warehouse, owner of the TalkTalk broadband and phone offering, was paying £370m for the operation.

    AOL UK has 2.1 million customers across the country - 600,000 on dial-up and 1.5 million with broadband connections.

    Carphone Warehouse, which runs the UK's largest chain of mobile phone stores, first moved into broadband in April.

    It will be keeping the AOL name and the US firm's policy of charging customers.

    AOL UK is being sold by its American parent company Time Warner.
  2. Does this mean they will move to a UK call centre as well or am I still going to have to deal with some muppet in india when I get a prob? And will they sort the software out so I don't have to have loads of crap that I dont need popping up every time I log in?

    Please Please Please (boo hoo)

  3. Oh great! I will no doubt be bombarded with unnecessary crap every time I log on, all voiced over by Graham "Junkie Faggot" Norton!
  4. Oh dear they can't even get their current operation right. I am not with either thankfully.
  5. I tried AOL once, It left more files in my registry than an archive center!!.

    But when I called tech support then, I used to get Dublin not India!
  6. My record when speaking to them is three hours and eight different members of staff equally as useless as each other.
    I felt that I had spoken to most of Bangalore
  7. I use AOHell in my flat but only because I get it free. But as I use a mac and I've got wireless networking I don't actually have to use any AOL software or functionality. It's just an ISP. When I had AOL on dial-up it completely took over my PC and constantly caused problems. I use tiscali at home, cheap and unobtrusive.
  8. I do the same now with BT Broadband, Just use it as my ISP but without the BT software.
  9. Given the total disaster when I tried to sign up to the TalkTalk broadband, and the stories one hears about AOL, it would seem that CPW + AOL will be a perfect match. I thought BT internet was bad until I looked at TalkTalk but I was glad to get back. I use Mozilla net and email so miss most of the Yahoo rubbish.
  10. Even though im with BT, Ive never used there e-mail services, your right in getting the yahoo rubbish.
  11. Will this takeover now affect AOL (UK) capacity? Will my braodband quality affected?
  12. Everything stays the same, you might get a free mobile thrown in!! :D
  13. I have been using TalkTalk broadband for the past 12 months and i can seriously say i have never had a problem with them. I have free Broadband 24 / 7 and free landline calls to anywhere in the UK 24 / 7.
    And as i dont have to pay BT for my landline etc because TalkTalk took that over as well, i only pay £20 a month for the whole job lot inc phone calls.
    A real bonus when you have teenagers wanting either the net or the phone. My bills have dropped from £300 + a quarter to £60. Sorted.
  14. Now if you want to transfer your BB to another line or something sales orientated I get Dublin, but anything else is India, including the LiveHelp chat, which is basically like the chat you get on Arrse but they still repeat things back to you, in text!!! :?
  15. Wheres the the link Moriaty?