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AOL Military Chat room,

Ok, in the 'bad old days' before Arrse was born, how many of the 'Old and Bold' on here, used to frequent that wonderful chatroom on 'AOL' call 'Military Chat'?
It was bizarre! withinn 30 seconds of entering the chat room, you'd have some old slapper PM'ing you snapshots of her norks!!!
Ok, (i do tend to say 'Ok' a lot, ok?) how many of us admit to having been on there, and what were your screen names?

True Smudge, but this WAS going back a few years, when there were NOT that many options available!!
(god, that makes me feel old today!)
Hmmm. Happy Days. Allegedly. Spoiled by Walts and other retards, but destroyed by self important psycho bitches and super walts.....
so, Cypherman, what were you known as on 'MilChat' then?
(PerSec taken into account, and all that!!)
our paths may have crossed before in a 'previous life'! ha ha

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