ANZMI - News from Australia - Another Wilting Walt invades our shores

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ANZMI, Feb 6, 2011.

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  1. Robert Richard McClarnon, a son of Belfast was accepted into the Australian Veteran Community in good faith. His proferred military history is second to none, with 400 notches on his gun butt.

    Our hardworking gremlins in the basement find that his military history is somewhat askew, therefore we of the colonies present to the region from whence he came, some corrections - in fact lots of corrects - no lots and lots of corrections.

    Have a look at this twerp here: mclarnon
  2. What a ********, does he not know that all facts can be checked very easily these days, even when living overseas...
    Send the boys over to deal with him.....
  3. It's a sad day when some transported convicts blacken the name of a hero who has served his country faithfully.
    Have these ******* never heard of persec? This brave man and his family will now be targets for revenge from the associates of all the 400 people he killed so that we can sleep safe in our beds. The Australians should hang their heads in shame. It's a ******* travesty.
    We should now boycott any pub with an Australian barman.
  4. Walkabouts will be safe then