I am going to Oz for a year or two at the end of this year and was genning up on the customs etc last night. There was a section in the book I am reading regards ANZAC Day which states:

"These days there are also a significant number of people who believe that ANZAC day has become irrelevant to Australia's younger generation, and who resent the glorification and sentimentalising of war".

For my part I intend to be there at dawn to pay my respects, but I was idly wondering how others would argue with the above statement regards glorification and sentimentalisation when confronting by a tree-hugger in a social environment. Two recurring images in my head when I think about it are the guys who did the fighting probably couldn't have given a f**k about parades etc at the time, but also the veterans who you see on Remembrance Day with tears streaming down their cheeks to whom it obviously means an awful lot.

Thoughts welcome : )
You may find that those who find Anzac Day irrelevent are in the main university students. Attendance at the dawn service and march has been growing steadily for a while now. Welcome to Australia, and have a great time.
As Phil said, attendances at dawn services and lining the streets for the daytime parade have been growing since the mid 1980s. What is dwindling is the number of old diggers marching. Whilst age shall not weary them, it has been taking a lot of the old blokes ....

I can remember the late 1970s and early 1980s when WWII diggers were still in their 50s and 60s, thousands of them at ANZAC Day parades, but bugger all folks on the footpath cheering them on. It's the other way around now. Lots of kiddies, many wearing Grand Dad's medals on their right breast. The debate now, when fewer and fewer original diggers are well enough or even alive, is who should march?

And in any case, after the dawn service, everyone goes back to the local RSL club and gets on the grog and plays "2 up". The leftie pinko ar5eholes got the message years ago, and largely fcuked off. Very little debate now about the suitability of ANZAC Day, only on who shouldbe marching in the absence of the diggers of yore.
I noticed how well turned out your rememberence parades,
its kinda discouraged were I live as being triumphlised. :cry:

But I'll be out for next years Anzac parade, maybe Babinda's. :D
ANZAC real heroes ! I served with ANZUK 30 years later - still heroes and really good guys - 1RAR and 1RNZIR good guys ! GREAT GUYS !!!!!!

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