Anzac Day

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Trackpen, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. Today's ANZAC Day, folks. Let's honour the Diggers and Kiwis and not forget all those who were also at Gallipoli. We've just had the first barbie of the season, and will be playing Twos-Up later.
  2. Hear, Hear G'day to all the ANZAC's and a drink to remember all those at Galipoli.
  3. Everyone in my office knows what ANZAC day is ever since I brought in some ANZAC biscuits made by Mrs Jim. B@stards ate the lot :D

    Have a good one, wherever you are!
  4. Rum & milk for preference!
  5. It was also Galliopli Day for The Royal Hampshire Regiment, now scrapped as a regiment and now a bit of the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment's recruiting area.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Oh yes, that'd be why we were all woken by skirling pipes at 0430 this morning, then?

    Good Dawn Service by the Padre, and they're all good blokes, so good on them!

    Happy ANZAC day, all the Diggers and Kiwis out there (and around here) :)
  7. Hear, hear to our friends on the otherside of the sphere.
  8. The Princess of Wales Regiment are off to Iraq today. God speed boys.
  9. I spent 4 months in NZ in '79 (Ex Long Look) - I was astonished by the strength of the Returned Services Assn (bit like the BL). Every night at 9 pm, the lights in the bar went down, everbody faced the memorial on the wall and someone recited the words: "They shall grow not old...."

    I was always slightly embarassed that we didn't have that degree of dedication at home.

    Happy ANZAC day to you all.
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    The Aussies do ANZAC day very well, this is more their rememberance day than 11/11. Its a great day if you're in Oz and especially if you can get chatting to the old diggers down the RSL club later on, feed them beer and then the stories start to come out. Missing it this year but will be back there in a few weeks so looking forward to next years.
  12. Trackpen, The RSA in NZ was so influential that they persuaded the RNZ Sigs to provide comms between golf courses for their annual golf tournament. Being visiting poms, 2 of us were included and put up in a motel at their expense. Happy times!

    I can never hear the song "The Band Played Watlzing Matilda" without going dewey-eyed.
  13. Was in Perth WA this morning and it was a big parade with lots of ex-Brit servicemen marching as well. [50,000 attended last year so even with the rain I suspect this one was even bigger]. The RSL do a brilliant job of organising things. Had to catch a plane to Brisbane lunchtime so missed out on the PU afterwards :cry: They're proud to be Aussies and proud of their ex and serving servicemen. Good on them.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Kiwi boss and an Aussie contracts manager trying to big up anzac day yesterday till I pointed out that they landed at the wrong beach, their most famous VC was RN at the time (Freyberg) and that at the time my Gt Granddad (CEF) was sat at the bottom of Vimy ridge wounded waiting for the ANZAC to finish their warm weather ex and come to france!