Anzac Day


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I hope that you all enjoy your day from "Stand To" to games of Two-Up.

Rosemary is for rememberance.


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I met a lovely old chap at the UJC last year who had come for ANZAC day. Great company and he showed us his medals; he was finished parading before I woke up. God bless him.


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I quite like the traditions of ANZAC Day, the pre-dawn "Stand To" with "gunfire", followed by a memorial service at dawn. And the parades later in the day.

There just seems (to me) to be some added poingancy to the day.
Always a massive turn out for the dawn ceremony at the Australian National Memorial at Villers Bretonneux in Northern France. They'll have finished now. Hope the weather was kind.


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My first experience of this moving event was at Hyde Park of all places. Terrific turnout and not the typical Brit old 'n' bold contingent dominating it.

Then it was at the fort at Queenscliffe, built to defend the Aussie gold against those pesky Russkies. Again, wonderfully moving.

Afraid I elected for a lie in this morning.
I purchased and wore my poppy with pride.
a grand turnout this morning for standto in downtown oakey, plenty of old and bold, the parade later was pretty good too, drums were pretty
useless, maybe will have to teach them the odd parradiddle or two,stars of the day were 4 oldies from the lighthorse ,their riders looked pretty good too!!
My first experience of this moving event was at Hyde Park of all places. Terrific turnout and not the typical Brit old 'n' bold contingent dominating it.
We're waiting to take MasterPlume to this when he's big enough to understand it properly*. Our mates from Ngati Ranana are all heavily involved & I bought an ANZAC Day Poppy on Saturday as we were in NZ House - just hope MrsPlume remembered to wear it when she went out!

*At the moment we restrict him to Cavalry Sunday as he likes the bands & seeing me march, but it's at a more sensible hour for one of his tender years.
"They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old;
age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
we will remember them."

Lest we forget.


Happy ANZAC Day. 2 fierce and proud nations with an Armed Forces history which reflects that spirit.
Fixed that for you!

No charge, dont let the Ausies know though!
Happy hang overs tomorrow gentlemen.

Good turn out in Darwin.
On our village war memorial there is a digger commemorated who signed up with 5th Bn, Australian Imperial Force in 1914. The 5th Bn history, "The Fighting Fifth" avalable from the IWM, is one of the most evocative first hand accounts of any WW1 bn I have read. Well worth a read.

What that Bn went through from Gallipoli to being smashed up at Pozierres on the Somme makes sobering reading. Tremendous esprit de corps but in true Aussi style they staged a strike/mutiny when their Bn was ordered to disband and amalgamate with others.
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