Best wishes to all those having a beer in remembrance of the ANZACs.

Also regards to the Aussies serving in Afghan at the moment.
Ditto Wooger.

The ANZACs have stood shoulder to shoulder & toe to toe with us. Great folk. Best wishes to all ANZACs past & present and particularly those on Ops at the moment.


This was the dawn Service at the State War Memorial in Kings Park, Western Australia this morning.

Pte Stuart Nash was an Aussie who dreamed of joining the Rifles. In January 08 he left the warmth of Oz to go to ITC Catterick. He completed his training and joined the Battalion. He deployed on Op Herrick in September 08 and was sadly fatally wounded in December 08.

Stuart was buried with full military honours in January 09 and the Rifles sent out a bearer party. Members of the Australian Defence Forces formed a firing party to show the close and enduring links between the British & Australian Armies.
From WWI to the present day we are indebted to ANZACs

Will raise a glass later