ANZAC day 2007 , more and more attend the dawn services

Up early this morning for the Dawn service at the Humpty Doo golf club , last years was cancelled due to Cyclone. The previous year saw maybe thirty people turn up , this year close to 300 were there . Anecdotal evidence from the Palmerston and Darwin dawn services shows a considerable jump in attendance too .

Most heartening was the large number of school age children attending often with grandads or dads medals on and pleased as punch . My kids marched in Palmerston with their Great Grandfathers medals on .

Wreaths were laid by me this year for FLTLT Paul Pardoel and the crew of XV179 and also for SQNLDR Peter Szypula , FSGT Michelle Hackett and her 8 yr old daughter Kathleen (see here for reasonEverest Tradgedy) all of whom were friends of mine.

Parades across the country were extremely well supported.

Thanks to the mebers of the 1st armoured regiment who provided the catafalque party at Humpty Doo 1 AR web page

and to finish off have a look at some of the attendance figures for the parades down south ANZAC news reports
The Aussies and the Kiwis put on a great series of events here in Washington DC. This year was a special commeration of Aussie warbrides, and the turnout was the highest I have ever seen.
My liver is really not right at all.

A splendid time indeed, many thanks to all in Sydney.
I was at the dawn service at Hyde Park yesterday, and then the wreath laying at St Paul's, and there was a very good turn out at both.
mmmm Bundy and Milk. Plenty went my way yesterday .Unfortunately in the middle of nowhere the only option was UHT milk vice fresh , was a little interesting for the first couple but soon adapted to the flavour.
Our good Major suggested a bit of coffee with the rum and milk. The coffee overpowered the nauseating taste of rum, and the rum the chundling sensation of coffee. Brilliant. Thats why he's the OC.

Then we moved onto Beer....lots of beer....its 2 days on and my head still throbs.
Awesome day here too. Genuine 70's prices and heaps of lager consumed. Must have had at least 250 pers in our little Mess. Couple of British brothers in the Mess for the occasion and by all acounts a good time had by all. :D 8)

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