ANZAC day 2005

Ok here's an interesting turn up for ANZAC day 2005, on the ABC (lateline) there was an interesting piece on an interview with a well know australian military author who wrote an excellent book on the Gallipoli campaign he is now writing a piece on that less celebrate campaign (by Australian's) the western front.

Several interesting snipets which I as a Pom downunder find interesting mainly that factually Australian staff officers were also (not just the brits) responsible for some of the badly directed battles, this may sound trivial but up till now I ve received a fair amount of anomosity over this and carpet blame (the brits) for the stuff ups and large amount of casualties.

I would be interested to hear other antipodipians views on this matter...
Nothing new there. Military incompetence crosses all ranks and nationalities; and the really spectacular ones have books written about them. Revisionist or 'slanted' history is nothing new either.

Welcome to my world...
and of course the Australian military tradition (for good or ill) was very much the British military tradition. A different think once Monash took the reins - that was when an Aussie flavour came increasingly to the fore.

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