Anything to worry about?

Hello all - tis I Cap'n B returned from a long absence from ARRSE!

Tis good to be back :D

Capt B will shortly be attending JOTAC and is a little concerned that, despite half studying MK1 properly (studied as much as possible but had open book exams) he will fall foul of the day 1 test.

If anyone has done JOTAC recently could they shed some light on the content of said exam and provide guidance on what specifically should be revised (not just for the exam but for the course overall). Capt B would be awfully disappointed should he look stupid on the course due to incorrect revision.

Thanks in advance for your help!


I completed JOTAC this September and there really is no need to worry too much about the opening test. If you are from a Regiment that has a large number of instuctors on the course (Rifles!!!) then I would cover mainly the more doctrinal aspects of MK1. To be perfectly honest so long as you do better on the final exam than you did the opening all will be fine. The guys from the Rifles got a bit of a shoeing on the course as non of them passed it. The majority of people dont though.

You are also given an equipment table with ranges of weapon systems and other such info on that you have a week to learn. Whatever you do dont fail that one!

You really cant look that stupid on JOTAC, as long as you know your corp business and can expalin it to the other arms in language they will understand you will be fine.
Many thanks for a cracking answer!

All the best,

just received my course report, or should I say tick sheet! If that doesnt scream attendance course I dont know what does!

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