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That's nearly as good as this chap who turned up from Mexico bearing a 'Good luck on your new life in the UK' card in his luggage along with pages of Mexican recipes.
"We will not tolerate people coming here to work illegally,"
said a UK Border Agency spokesman.

No. We'd prefer to give them stack of benefits and a council house that they can turn into a bomb making factory

"People wanting to visit the UK must play by the rules. Those who do not are sent back."

If only. When they honestly play by the rules they get refused too. So they dishonestly play the asylum card. The rules are confused and absurd and result in the harmless, honest and potentially productive being turned away and the criminal and murdering fanatic admitted.

Notice how both stories have been given stock anwers by the UKBA. Crap media handling there, guys!


I was just about to post this :L haha
we need more woman with just lingerie :L
She was turned away for bringing lingerie with her?
I thought it was a thrill for a bloke these days to find a woman who actually wears underwear :?

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