Anything for our listeners?

I might have to go on public radio (news, talk etc.) here in Los Angeles on Thursday to act as a commentator on the UK general election. Don't panic I'm not a journo, but apparently an "expert". (Or rather substituting for my boss who is the expert they want) Does anyone here have anything you want me to share with the spams regarding the War, Europe, Bliar, TCH, Howard, Kennedy domestic issues etc.? Don't worry about witticisms or irony, It'd be lost on most Yanks anyway.
I think you've come to the wrong place if you're after strong opinions, that's not what this site is all about.
I'd just like to point out to the Yanks that there's more to UK politics than supporting them in Iraq. Yes, I know it's a revolutionary concept that something might not orbit solely around the interests of the USA but bear with me.

Bliar's Britain is about big tax, big government and is crushingly politically correct...all the things most septics are meant to recoil in horror from. When he's re-elected Thursday it won't be because he's any good; it'll be because the opposition is shite.

Howsabout reporting on the disenfranchisement of service voters, a constituency boundary system that is heavily weighted in Labour's favour & postal voting fraud, all of which will benefit the Labour party?

Also, please remember that in European politics, John Kerry would be a right-winger :roll:
The UK is a collection of small islands north of Africa and East of the US.

The people here wear bowler hats to work and have flying nannies. Winston Churchill is our Patron Saint and we worship the Queen who was opened by the Romans in 1066.

The British left the American colonies some time in the last 50 years becaus ethey were Pagan. Mel Gibson is the American General who did this, he painted himself Blue.

Britain played a small role in the world war (The one before The Arabian Gulf war) when the Americans, seeing the pressing danger to civilisation posed by Nazi Germany (North of Africa) threw herself immediately into the battle only two or three years after the fighting and killed Hitler Stalin with an exploding arrow.

The British speak English but in a kinda funny way.
Oh, and how about talking about the things that have not been mentioned at the election:

The Civil Contingencies Bill, which makes the Patriot Act look like a hippy love-in.
ID card proposals incorporating a database of every time you use a service and biometric information
Destruction of habeas corpus and right to trial-by-jury
The fact that 75% of our laws are now made by Brussels

I could go on...
Oh, I forgot my personal bugbear.

The new post-9/11 extradition treaty whereby we fast-track terrorist suspects to the US with indecent haste on the say-so of just about any US federal law enforcement agency.

However, IRA suspects living freely in the US are for some mysterious reason unaffected by this law. Because as far as the Yanks are concerned, the IRA are living in the woods like WW2 partisans fighting the evil Redcoats, right?

One way traffic. Was ever thus with the Americans.

LostBoss said:
The UK is a collection of small islands north of Africa and East of the US.
You expect them to know where Africa is? How about if we tell them to head towards Berlin again, but to turn left at Paris and start swimming?

In addition the the NI issue, I'm currently figuring out a way of explaining the difference between England, "Stotchland" and "Whales" using short words and without the use of diagrams (since it's radio). It's Hollywood, so references to Braveheart and How Green Was My Valley will probably figure into the equation.

As far as you guys are concerned, what issues are going to determine Thursday's outcome?
The economy, the urine poor state of the NHS (underfunded but over controled), the state of the school system, the rise in crime and the lowering in prison sentencing.

Hell come to think about it, if the septics really knew what was going on here, they would just alugh at us and view us in the same light they view the europeans. :roll:
Africa is in the Caribbean, or the caRIBBean. It is where natives of Washington have their holiday condominiums
The Economy, basically.

Too many people couldn't give a toss about anything as long as they can read about the latest soaps, do the lottery, eat fish fingers and not get totally buggered by their mortgage repayments.

Ho ho ho. Wait until next year when Brown's massive squandering of public funding comes back to bite him in the arse and the (independent) Bank of England starts to raise interest rates on top of the inevitable council tax and Nat. Ins. rises.

The mongs'll start moaning then and maybe some voter apathy will start to disintegrate.

Seriously, why would the Tories want to win this election and get blamed for all the (Labour) chickens coming home to roost?


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