Anyone working in Baghdad at the moment?

Looks like I might be offered a job managing a project out there, possibly at the airport (BIAP). Its been about four or five years since I passed through BIAP a few times, and I was wondering if anyone is in a position to give me a sitrep on how far "normalisation" has progressed - if at all - since those rather fruity days?

Interested in the status of things like movement, security, commercial activity, local labour market (ie is the labour pool still restricted to locals from one of the segregated communities like the bunch at the airport?).

Thanks for any info.
No, they took someone who'd never worked outside of UK - let alone who had local BIAP experience.....
Never mind then, if you are from an engineering background, try Gulftainer. They interviewed me for a 6000 us dollars tax free a month job in Um Qasr (Iraq's port). The job was for an engineering superintendent. I did 5 years in REME and signed off at 21 in 2007. Though im sure if someone had done more years than me, he would have got it. I have since moved into construction management though, so im looking for construction works now.

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