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Anyone working for or looking for scaffolders?

Bit of a subject change to my usual posts I know but does anyone work as a scaffolder in the Bradford area? And how would someone like me with no ste experience get into the job?

Also anyone who got into the job when they left?

Thanx in advance.
Armor have put me on there standby list but have no work in the near future. Ive spoken to CRG, Aegis, Kroll, Erinys, Hart, PWC, Crescent, Blue Hackle and some others and none have vacancies for anything. So now that ive realised that theres about as much chance of getting out to iraq/afghan etc as winning the lottery tonoight im looking at other stuff.
To be qualified as a civvy scaffolder you would need to do Part 1 & 2 scaffold courses, they do them at Burcham Newton, Kings Lynn.
The Pt 1 is 2 weeks - basicaly training to be a scaffolders mate. You would then need site experience then return for your pt 2 within say 6-12 months for the upgrade. You then qualify for the scaff safety card.
You might be able to get the pt 1 as resettlement, i know the Engineers in Chatham have sent instructors there for trg as they train brickies, chippies and painters to erect basic scaffold.

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