Anyone with information on the Parachute Regiment!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by itchyscott, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. Just did my fitness test getting 8.59 and waiting to talk to the career advisor's, sorry if your re answering questions youve already done but i can't find the information im looking for anywhere. Firstly do para infantry get paid more than regular or is that just a myth. Secondly do you have to do any extra selection to go into the para's or is it just one way for all. Any help would be much appreciated thaks alot
  2. usually your asked to go on the para insight course, they do similar tests as you will undertake at adsc/selection, also a bleep test, log run, assault course, pressups/situps/pullups etc. At selection you will undertake the same tasks as all other potential recruits however your run time is lower..9.18 or 9.40 if you can deadlift over 117kg if im correct. Its all pretty simple :) good luck
  3. cheers mate but isnt 117 kg like 18 stone?? if so thats ridiculous
  4. no problem :D
  5. You shouldnt have too many problems lifting over 115kg, try lift over that though. The extra 22 seconds could be a help, the weather might be abit bad when you go to selection so you might need them. Better safe then sorry.
  6. yeh for me 117kg wasnt a problem...thankfully didnt needthe extra time but its nice to know you have it if need be, and yeh its especially helpful wiht a poor route or weather, my route for the run was pretty muddy and slowed me considerably. good luck mate any other questions ill try and help PM me
  7. White_rabbit what are you joining mate? you joining Para Regt. I passed my selection but failed on the eye test. So ive got to go back within 2 weeks and take a pair of specs to do the eye test.
  8. do paras get paid more than normal infantry?
  9. Yeah mate, its called Para Pay. Its only a few quid more i think you should be able to find that on the net.