Anyone with exerience of the Nokia N8

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by Harry_Monk, Nov 15, 2010.

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  1. So, its about that time again when contracts and phone upgrades are due so thought I would ask on here if anyone has any experience of the Nokia N8 as thats what I am looking at.

    Before anyone mentions it I am not interested in an 'i' anything.
  2. Got one a week ago, my first Nokia for about ten years and once I got used to where everything was and how to do stuff I can't fault it at the present. Probably more stuff on it than I need but it takes cracking piccies!!
  3. I've had the 5350 for a couple of years, and have yet to find real fault with it. My missus has recently got the N8, and I'm jealous as fcuk. It's a bit bigger (which may be an issue for some) but no bigger than it's main rivals, and was dead easy to set up. One really good thing for my missus is the e-mail retrieval, so easy to set up for her hotmail account, it notifies her instantly when there is a new e-mail, and reading them is simple. Only downside so far is the lack of stylus for the touchscreen - not a problem for her with her tiny fingers, but for me with hands like a plate of snorkers, it can get frustrating.
  4. The 12 megapixel camera was something I was interested in as I often use my phone for pics when out and about or on holiday.

    On the whole, you tend not to get a stylus with a capacitive screen (which the N8 is)because the screen technology tends to rely on a conductive material touching it (i.e. finger/skin) in order to detect the touch. Whereas, a resistive screen relies on the pressure of the touch, it doesn't matter what is touching it .... hope that makes some kind of sense. I have had both and must say I prefer the stylus normally myself but I suppose we all have to make sacrifices from time to time, at the end of the day my 'pigs tits' aren't too fat so I can probably work around it.
  5. My missus has a Nokia X6, the built-in sat-nav is cracking! Much better than my iPhone :-(

    The N8 looks like a good phone.
  6. My wife also has an X6 and we used the satnav on that when we went on holiday to France a few weeks back, worked really well. Im tempted to wait until after xmas to see what, if any, new phones come out around that time!

    I am currently using the Nokia N900 and its a great device, but also can't miss the opportunity for a 'free!' upgrade.
  7. my best pal has just got one. he is all the time brimming with its praises. but the main thing is he's got what he wanted !! it's a nice choice, m too going to get one soon .
  8. I've had one for about a month now, first "smart" phone I've had and I do find myself using all the whistles and bells quite a lot.

    The camera on it is brilliant, masses of memory and once you get it set up the way you like it it works pretty well. The only problem I've come across was the maps programme freezing the thing somewhere with crap signal. Having said that, the sat nav is brilliant.

    Battery life's ok, goes for about 2 days on power saving mode (the battery indicator doesn't drop in power saving mode for some reason)

    The other thing I like about it is the thing to unlock the screen is an actual physical slidey button.
  9. Definately think this is the one I am going to go for, have been looking over a few phones for the last month or so and the camera is definately a good point and it seems to be generally a good device. Have seen a few bad customer reviews and the like but you will always get some, as long as the negative isn't overwhelming thats good for me.

    Out of interest, what network are you guys on? I am with VF and something I need to check up on (which I don't think should be a problem) is that I can ditch the crappy VF branding that is on it and install a default Nokia version of the software, anyone with experience here? Did it with my N900, pretty easy, so will look at the same sources for info aswell.
  10. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Just got my new N8 yesterday, am on Vodafone and have been for years best coverage of any provider I've come across. Already I think the phone is the dog's danglies. Really really impressed so far.

    As an aside I found this site: All About Symbian - news, reviews and software for Symbian and S60 phones

    There is a pile of N8 related stuff on it, reviews, galleries, advice etc, etc so fill yer boots chaps

    n8 - Google Search

    Nokia N8: part 1, overview and hardware review
    Nokia N8: part 2 - camera and camcorder review
    Nokia N8: part 3 - Multimedia and Gaming review
  11. Well, I think the N8 is what its going to be, been reading lots of reviews and other information and thanks to people that posted here.

    How much VF garbage is on it out of interest? Not that its a major problem as you should be able to just reflash it / reinstall some a Nokia generic version. Or at least I am assuming you can, haven't looked a great deal into it but must be possible.
  12. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Almost othing, though there maybe some stuff I have yet to find, You get the VF logo when you switch on, obviously, and when you first set up you will have a wee nokia bar with icons for 360, Web, VF & People, but you can remoive these from the the home screens when you personalise the phone and start adding new apps ect
    It would seem that as oppossed to earlier N models VF have decided to take the back seat on this one, AFAICT it's the Ovi kit taht takes precedent, haven't played with it as much as I would like yet, off to test the camera in a bit when I take the dog f that takes or a walk.
  13. Now thats interesting, maybe VF have finally started to listen to people. There has been a vast amount of shouting and screaming about VF 'branding' on their forums and I can honestly say I have seen anyone that has been in favour of it. They did it with the N900 (although denied it emphatically) which is why I ditched it and flashed the generic Nokia firmware onto it.

    Skype compatibility is something else I keep an eye on as far as VF is concerned. It seems there is a version of Skype for Symbian^3 now, which is good, however VF have actively said they don't support it on their network. On one of the N900 threads a while back a VF Moderator actually stated that if they were to look into blocking anything over their network Skype would probably be very high on the list (or words to that effect).

    The Camera (as I said) is a selling point for me, I am hoping it is truly decent enough to negate the need to carry a seperate digital camera. The write ups I have seen seem pretty positive about it.
  14. Its Great first Smart phone I have ever had and its great so easy to use and set up.

    Got mine from Tesco Mobile for £20 per month. 750 Mins, 5000 Texts and 1 GB Data per month

    Can fault it at all at the moment.
  15. Hi there.

    I've had Nokia for the last 15 years and must admit that my first thoughts about my new N8 were 'what a croc...' However, the operating system is very new, full of bugs and still being developed.

    My first problem was that the phone just would not see my wireless network but I ran the lastest software update and the problem fixed itself.

    In summary I'm loving the phone and the pics are superb; If you have a problem with any aspect of it check for a firmware update, the problem will likely go away with the software update.

    PS I think 'I' patches work pretty well for pirates...