Anyone with 253 Pro Coy RMP(V) Southampton Det

Anyone with the Soton det of 253?

I have searched high and low but can not find anything about the current setup there apart from very little on an old web site and the main army one. I am possibly looking to transfer into there from another unit and wanted to know what the management etc is like.

Are courses avaliable if you have the time or have they been slashed like a lot of other TA units with a massive budget cut? I want to ask the 'organ grinders' instead of ringing the recruitment people as they will just spin the yarn no doubt.

PM or reply

253 Southampton det is not up and running yet, but will be very shortly, hence you cannot find any info about it.
Ring 253 main and ask to speak to the PSI or better why not visit 253 on az parade night, then you will be asle to see the unit and be able to speak to the recruitment people and "organ grinders" (a subtle dig perhaps???!) in the mess afterwards.
I would not give a subtle dig at all, I didnt realise it was not up and running yet, mt error.

Will pop over one wed night then and find out what the score is

What about the new N.I det? anyone here got any idea. I expressed an interest but as yet have no idea if it's up and running or has died a slow meandering death ( or is that just me?)


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