Anyone want to buy a box of headovers?

So not only are you all out pitchforking babies, killing Danish tour guides and beating hotel owners to death, you're also stealing!

BBC News - Thefts from West Country military bases cost £280k

Other goods stolen include £20,000 worth of diving helmets, a set of night vision goggles, two vacuum cleaners and two tumble dryers.
Tumble dryers? The only thing I ever "borrowed" was a few extra pies from the cookhouse.
As I did a bit of time as Troop storeman and in the QMs before handing my bedding in, a few items might have been demanded for Mr NS.
Scrim net for an 18x24, and a 10" windsock. Everything else was useful
I still have a wolf fur lined Arctic parka I liberated from an Air Force radar site. No one knew I had a key to Supply.

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