Anyone want to be a pioneer?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by A13x, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. If this guy can make it, i'm sure as hell you can.

    Army Website
  2. "handling sensitive stores such as those containing fuel and ammunition"

    i would rather die... scratch that... i would rather be a clerk..
  3. You're not even in yet and you fill the need to take the piss out of someone who is, ****** :x
  4. At least he is IN you WANNABE

    Who the fcuk are you to take the piss? :x
  5. Is your problem that he is not a photo model??
    Luck there were no cameras when I was doing trainning (not invented)!

    You like most of the wannabies need to get some time in before you throw mud.....
  6. Agreed ! Guaranteed with that attitude son you'll be smashed to f*ck by some senior tom and be rocking yourself to sleep by the first Friday in your regiment, silly little boy. :D Better still, have a pop at this lad whilst your at it, Im sure he'll NEVER come in handy when you need him !
  7. As much as us engineers take the piss chunkies do a damned hard job mate so take heed of everyones advice and wind it in.
  8. I think the words calm and down are needed.
  9. No, bellend, the only words I can think that are applicable here will be ones that you will probably become very, very familiar with "LEFTRIGHTLEFTRIGHTLEFTRIGHTLEFTRIGHT" !! :D
  10. How about fuck off instead?
  11. Do you know what pioneers actually do on tour?
  12. Christ, you really are a nobhead, you come on here slagging a serving soldier, then ask us to calm down. You need to get a reality check, son, you probably don't even have the sense or intelligence to do a Pioneer's job, fcukwit :evil:
  13. I can write my name.

    And i do actually know what they do and know it is very easy and you don't need any common sense or skill to do it as my brother is a serving pioneer and says it is easy and shit.
  14. I can imagine you will have no problems whatsoever with that brilliant attitude...

  15. FFS Saintstone.......... I just cannot concentrate on any words with your GIF 8O