Anyone want a job at GCHQ

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jaybee2786, Jul 3, 2008.

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    Various roles to include: IT Infrastructure Engineers, Software Engineers, Systems Engineers, IT Services Management, Telecommunications & Electrical Engineers, Information Assurance Specialists, Project Managers; Internet Operations Analysts; Communications R&D.

    GCHQ is the technical partner of the UK’s intelligence and security service, working with MI5 and MI6 to counter threats to Britain. We can be regarded as a technical power-house, deploying – and inventing – some of the world’s most advanced hardware and software solutions. If it exists, we’ll use it. If it doesn’t, we’ll find a solution.

    One thing that strikes new starters – apart from the interesting work and range of career pathways - is how friendly and helpful everyone is. We want you to do well, and that means supporting you fully with training and development opportunities.

    Wherever you find yourself, you can be sure of rewards that reflect your input and progress. As a Civil Service organisation, we offer excellent conditions and benefits, including attractive pension options and competitive, annually reviewed salaries.

    You must be a British citizen with a good degree and/or postgraduate qualification in Computer Science or an IT-related subject, Electronics, Electrical & Electronic Engineering or Communications. Alternatively, a good HND/HNC with relevant work experience or significant experience, regardless of technical qualifications (for certain positions).

    Click here to view all current vacancies.
  2. I think you might find your self outsourced to EDS in some of these posts, hence the recruitment drive.
  3. Baldrick66 said:- I think you might find your self outsourced to EDS in some of these posts, hence the recruitment drive.

    EDS? hmmmm that's the firm owned by the multi-millionaire, ex- US Presidential candidate, Ross Perot.
    The devout Texan bible basher who fires his staff if they don't wear a white shirt and a tie. The same bloke who fires people who have an office flirt... and other trivia.

    EDS are a f*****g joke. Find ONE Government contract they have ever completed, on time, within budget.
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Plus its not easy finding cheap housing down around Cheltenham!
  5. EDS...ergh, I'd rather work for Mugabe
  6. Hence the word of warning! Latest rumour on the Government outsourcing list is that GCHQ is next and EDS is the lead for prime contractor........... AGAIN!
    Also on the rumour mill is that any bid they make will be under their new parent company name of HP.
  7. damn right. £750pm rent on two bed mid terrace, ouch.

  8. Try Gloucester or Tewkesbury, its cheaper, thats if your pikey enough :D

    GCHQ = 'Funny Farm', there are some real feckin wierdos working there.
  9. Fcuk me I clearly live in the wrong area as that is a reasonable price around here!
  10. I couldnt agree more - EDS do the IT where I work and they are gobsmackingly incompetent.

    As for working at GCHQ, no thank you very much - It is like a giant playbarn for spazzy academics who fear and loathe the real world.

  11. You should go to DGC/DGIA/ICG (they rename the place weekly!) in's no better there!
  12. I have almost daily contact with ICG HQ, and I agree!
  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Bit saucy :boogie:

    or have just taken the bite?
  14. Had an interview there once. They asked me if I was a virgin!