Anyone want a free trip?

Any of you boyos ineterested in taking an all expense paid trip(and extra moolah) to Stafford(former RAF Hixon)? Looking for someone experienced on helos to go have a crawl around 4 Wessex HC2's being purchased by an Aussie concern.

All you have to do is take a bunch of piccies, crawl around through the various orifices(orifisi?) and generally make the sellers think you know what you're talking about, ;D and make sure all the twirly, flappy things are all there. Can't seem to get any ppruners on board, so show 'em the AAC has what it takes. 8)

These are the last 4 operational Wessex, from 85 Squadron Akrotiri.

Just send me a PM.
Good Gawd! Are the Midlands that boring ??? Not a single inquiry...
My guys in Oz don't care if the person knows the Wessex itself, but they need to be experienced, either air or ground crew on mil helos. The company that we're getting them from has a fantastic reputation in the industry, so we're not worried about getting screwed or anything. The guys Downunder know civvy types, but not up to snuff on mil helos. Timing has screwed it up for me to go over, or I'd be over there with bells on. ;D

NB. typo in first post should read 84, not 85 Sqdn.
PLOD he said send him a PM You Dummy ??? ???

How goes it matey,you still have not convinced DF to go over there and join the army get to it L/CPL



Ah, that's possibly because he got trapped by a woman too. Nasty breed..............................................................
plod, whats worse is that she is a fully fledged gwa....But she does have a nice car and not a pad car like Dave
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