anyone want a fill gun

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by QinetiQ, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. heard about this today from MI

    fill gun
  2. Is this... legal??? I mean I know it would be of fcuk all use to whoever buys it apart from maybe going on their mantle piece but still...

  3. It does give whoever lost theirs a chance to buy it back, just not that discretely now. Can't be legal...
  4. Looks a lot bigger than any fill gun I've seen. And the batteries are usually internal. Are we sure that's what it is?
  5. Depends, I don't recognise it but if the system it relates to is still in active service then photo's of it alone are most likely rated UK SECRET, so either the system has been declassified or the seller is about to get into a big pile of poo.
  6. i dont think its the actual thing, i believe it may be a type of training device
  7. Even if the item is no longer in service and if its a UK one judging by the look of it id say it isn't in service.

    Where did he get it? And if he 'found' it as he will invariably claim to any authorities is it legal to sell off MOD property like that? Look at some of the other stuff he's got n all, he's caliming to be selling a radio that this 'fill gun' fits into.

    Ill certainly be interested to see how much longer this thing stays listed now that people know about it


    (edited to make my rubbish sentence structur more clear)
  8. Erm thats a handset socket on the top. I know Crypto Ops are weird, but do they speak to their fills? Plus that battery looks a little too detatchable. I'm no Radio sort but that looks like a PRC type bit of kit
  9. Well spotted but what is the thing on the other side? A radio needs an antenna and i've never seen an antenna port like that before, certainly wouldn't get a coax or whip section in there...

    Is it even UK issue or ex issue? Anyone seen one before?

    The radio he is selling looks like a radio, this doesn't apart from the headset port

  10. If you go to the site and click on 'look at other things this seller has sold', you will be even more surprised
  11. It looks like one of them radios I used to use on stag in the 80s. You know the sort with those stupid little mikes that fitted just below your adams apple. Even though I,m ex R Sigs I have,nt the foggiest about any comms kit whatsoever. Up the drivers !!!!

    Regards LT.
  12. Nearest radio you would get to this object is the PRC-349. But it isn't one!
  13. Perhaps until someone comes on here who actually knows what this thing is we should ask the question...

    Where is he getting all this stuff? Maybe the police should have a word about that

  14. It's a moded 349 case definately what it actually is, is another matter
  15. The guys got 53 pages of feedback! He's punting a hell of a lot of kit this one.

    Radio storeman perhaps?