Anyone want a Council non job?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunoficarus, Apr 10, 2011.

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  1. So much for the 'Tory cuts'!

    The council 'non-job' job adverts
    Councils have recruited an army of climate change workers, equality officers, communications staff and other “non jobs”, while cutting front line services. Here are a selection of the adverts they placed.
    8:30AM BST 10 Apr 2011

    Community Development & Equalities Officer - Tewkesbury; £24,646 to £26,276
    "An exciting opportunity.... to develop and implement the Council's role in community development with a particular focus on communities of interest. You will also be required to assist in the monitoring and other activities associated with the Council's duty to meet appropriate Equalities Standards."

    Healthy walks co-ordinator - Forest of Dean; £14,733 to £15,444
    "Promote and increase physical activity levels through healthy walking ... targeting the socially excluded, the inactive and people living in areas of high deprivation. Work with the Lifestyle Coach to expand the 'Fancy a Walk' scheme. Ensure all duties and responsibilities ... are carried out with due regard to health and safety best practice, equal opportunities procedure and follows financial regulations."

    'Non jobs' gravy train rolls on 10 Apr 2011

    Project support worker (Voice of My Own) - Scottish Borders, £19,024.64 to £21,135.84 pro rata (fixed term contract)
    "Video empowerment project aimed at, and led by, young people aged between 11 and 25 ... It combines creative film-making with social inclusion aims. Assist in developing fund-raising bids and liaise with participating groups and individuals."

    Family Lifestyles Officer - Rugby; £19,126 to £21,519 pro rata
    "Reduce childhood obesity in various ways including the provision of evidence-based structured nine-week family-based workshops promoting the benefits of exercise and nutrition. The programmes will support families with overweight and/or obese children to maintain a healthy weight using a holistic approach."

    Active villages co-ordinator - Teignbridge, £10,228;
    "Provide long term sustainable sports participation opportunities. The Active Villages concept is positioned in the introductory/informal sport segment of the market ...neither as a specific 'public health' initiative to deliver health-based physical activity interventions, nor a 'sports excellence' programme aimed at identifying talented performers who wish to engage in serious competition."

    Life Skills and Positive Activities Officer - Ryedale; £19,000 to £21,500 pro rata (fixed term contract)
    "Assist the promotion of positive activities and healthy lifestyles to clients of the housing options team, especially those residing in temporary accommodation. Provide practical assistance for basic living skills such as: washing, ironing, cleaning and shopping etc."

    Workplace travel plan coordinator - Havant; £20,198 to £22,221, part time, pro rata (fixed term contract)
    "Raise awareness of transport issues and the alternative means of accessing and providing services to both staff and customers. This is a new, high profile role within the Council and you will be responsible for the development, promotion and implementation of our Travel Plan."

    Gypsy Romany Traveller Community Cohesion Officer - Herefordshire, £22,221 to £26,276
    Council's vision is "To create in Herefordshire an environment where different communities, the traditionally nomadic and the traditionally settled, live in harmony and where all have access to the basic needs and benefits which characterise an inclusive society."

    New media improvement assistant - Perth and Kinross; £16,086 to £17,587
    "Support the development and operation of the council's website and intranet in line with the council's Corporate New Media Strategy. Assist in ensuring the council's website conforms to legislative requirements (Disability and Discrimination Act) and established web standards (W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)."

    Woodfuel development officer - West Sussex; £32,800 to £35,430
    "You will be required to operate as a stimulus for the expansion of the woodland products market and to make a substantial contribution to the establishment of a wood fuel supply chain, through positively influencing key policy makers, suppliers and end users."

    The council 'non-job' job adverts - Telegraph
  2. It's like musical chairs. A bit like NHS management, everyone swop desks, pay off the directors so they can retire early and promote the next generation of suitably un qualified to post. Happens every 5 years.
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  3. I have applied for a few "new" council jobs but get the same reply back every time.

    "We regret to inform you that recruitment for this appointment has been stopped pending the results of an internal reorganisation"

    They are just moving each other around to keep their jobs!
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  4. Up here we have a Teenage Pregnancy Coordinator! I went for it, but it turned out the job wasn't what I thought.
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  5. and fulfilling the requirement to externally advertise these jobs.
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  6. Some years ago, I applied for a job with a council near me that I was perfectly qualified for.

    At the interview, I got chatting with the HoD and it turned out he knew my old boss. He then confided that in actual fact the advertisement was a BS exercise and a going through the motions exercise to tick the 'vacancies should be advertised and open to free and fair competition' box. The successful applicant was already known and would be one of his junior staff.
  7. A lot of those are real jobs with overly poncy titles to make them sound important
    the project support worker is a part time youth worker.
    the postive activites officer is a supported housing officer trying to get the homesless to do something useful and possibly wash.
    Council waste management officer = binman
  8. Not just councils that do that, my company advertises internally first and in the majority of cases (particularly with supervisor jobs) the result is pretty much a given, unless someone significantly better from another siteapplies. If you ever see an external advert with my lot it usually means that either the only applications were from total mongs (I work in security) or no-one applied at all.
  9. I know someone who works in the public sector and regularly interviews job applicants. They had one, internal, applicant who was known to be temperamentally unsuitable for that particular job, a job that required a lot of tact and patience. On a five man panel 3 people voted to give that person the job because she had provided 'the best interview'! stacker1 may well interview 'extremely well' but are you really going to give him the Diversity Coordinator's job?
  10. Good point but your average HR type will go with the "better the devil you know" approach rather than actually make a real decision :)
  11. Don't bother applying for any of these jobs if you are white, they are designated for ethnic minorities.
  12. That's a rather sweeping statement... care to back it up? Proof from the Daily Mail doesn't count.
  13. But i am a white ethnic monority - being Jockenese!

    Who do I complain to and how much compensation should I expect?
  14. To apply for these jobs you don't just have to be an ethnic minority or female or gay you also have to have another "quality" that all local councillors posess, which is leprosy in the brain.
  15. You mean with the Woodland Fuel Coordintaor they're really looking for an African in the woodpile?
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