Anyone want a copy of this book?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SL1987, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. You needed a book to pass the BARB?!?!!!! You must be a real mong.
  2. Bless you for being all caring and sharing, but people keep building the BARB up to be something it's not! It's piss easy! I got a score of 80 something and I went in shaking like shitting dog! We all need to try harder with the important stuff like fitness, knowledge on job choices and the interviews.
    Anyway, theres an example BARB test on the armyjobs website now, so it'd be a waste of a stamp.
  3. can you actually fail the BARB test?
  4. SL1987 its nice to try and help out but that is why the Army as gone to great expense to give every applicant the BARB booklet which goes through everything in great detail and also put a practice BARB on the Army website. Can't understand what else this book of yours could do to help.
    And swansea yes you could get a below average score on the BARB that doesnt allow you to do any infantry is the lowest score of my time Ive seen lower than 26 BARB scores. Remember it can be retaken after 28 days up to three times a year but your previous score would then be void.
  5. I was only trying to help. I dont know what my score would have been without it so who knows?

    Its really useful! got loads of tips on preperation.

    Ill just hand it into my AFCO

  6. Thanks for the amazing reply! great stuff coming from someone posting under the name of a penis piercing!

  7. im interested, ive passed my BARB, just i need to prepare myself for my interview with the Senior Recruiter, my 1st interview with my recruiter didnt go to well.

    does this book have anything on "Preparing yourself for interviews?"

  8. Soory bud but no. It is only for the BARB test prep really

  9. Seriously people revise for a BARB test? The 11+ was harder than that and if you have to study to pass it you really should be looking at a different career
  10. Its not about revising for the actual questions. The questions are very simple! may aswell be 2+2! etc

    The book helps you prepare for the way the questions are answered. People know that the BARB is worked out on speed and accuracy. Its great knowing that 2+2= 4 but if you press '5' because you were see the point im getting at?

    I got a very good BARB score, might not have done if I wasnt prepared.

  11. I know how a barb test is done fella, having done it twice and the point still stands. Even the BARB booklet was a little simple
  12. PRC I think you are overestimating the educational standard of many people who apply. Its a genuine offer from SL1987, I am sure someone may take him up on it and it will be of use.
  13. you may have a point disco, afterall it was meant as a good gesture. Good Luck SL1987 :D
  14. He may have well passed without using the book, but at least he prepared in advance, which is better than moaning and looking back with hindsight. Good luck