Anyone waiting for Aircraft tech intake???

Are there any people on this site waiting for the next Aircraft tech intake? I am waiting for my application to go through and have been told I could be waiting up to a year, Is this true?
Its unlikley mate. They (REME MCM) are having dramas filling aircraft tech slots because there are a lot of 4-6 year air techs signing off.

Keep bugging your careers office.
Hi mate. I have applied to go in as an Air Tech. Got selection this coming Monday. My AFCO recruiter told me that it was possibly going to be February untill the next intake. After you pass selection you also get put on a waiting list in case anyone drops out so may be sooner. Hope this helps.
I have been told that there could be a chance of someone dropping out, how likely is this then?

I couldnt understand why anyone would want to drop out.

Good luck DanJJardim on your selection, I havent got my date yet but my deferal period is up next wed so got my barb at 9 in the morning, can't wait, then go to cuba for two weeks, they reckon when I get back everything should be sorted to get a selection date.
Not sure what the likliness of someone dropping out is to be honest. I started my application in Feb, got deffered myself because I was just finishing physio due to torn ankle ligaments.

Whats the reason your on defferal?

Anyway good look with all and we may meet in the future!
Hi DanJJardim, I got deffered in oct 2005 because i wasnt 4 yrs clear of asthma. so here i am 2 yrs later, done allsorts in the time i've waited and not found anything i want to do as much as the army so im definately excited at the moment.

Just got my barb test next week then got to get my med notes off, hope they go through ok. they should do.

Spoke to my brother who is sgt in REME, he reckons everything should be ok, reckons I might be at Arborfield the same time as him which should be good, the only thing is I am guessing I will be in by the end of the year, but thats being optimistic.
Ive got a place at harrogate in january (aircraft tech), on the list for september if anyone drops out, and i didnt have any dramas. Took the same time as people i know joining the infantry.
REME Air Techs (Both types) are currently oversubscribed with applicants, and you are not being fobbed off with being told it could take until February for a space.

Prior to doing AOSB, I was down on the list for it, and once people get on the list, they don't tend to drop out. Stick with it, I work with Air Techs at present, and it's worth the wait from what they say.
Before i did my selection i wanted to be an air tech , but was told there was not a job vacancy, so i was given a job promise as an avionics technition . I start my basic in October.
smally said:
Before i did my selection i wanted to be an air tech , but was told there was not a job vacancy, so i was given a job promise as an avionics technition . I start my basic in October.
Dear God!

Wait man, wait.

Only kidding, good luck all future Air techs and greenie scum.
Hi. Passed my selection at Lichfield 2 days ago for my first job choice (Aircraft Tech). Was even told by the recruiter that I face a bit of a wait but, like many, says it is worth that wait. Am so looking forward to starting though, selection has wet my appetite even more!
Do you subscribe to Warhammer 40'000 by any chance?
Got A Place At Harrogate In September (Aircraft Tech) No Dramas, All Went Kosher...
my place at harrogate for the september intake was garunteed yesterday after getting my results. im also going as air tech, but when i started my application in january they offered me a place in october to go in as an adult soldier, which was like 10 months away, so there probly is a long wait.
hope this helps

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