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Anyone used these before?

Been looking at getting a few items from the FLECKTARN website. Being something of a tight northerner though I like to test the water before spending my money.

Has anyone had any dealings with them and can they give me a steer as to whether the gear is any good or not? I heard that the stuff is mainly reproduction and and might be of a battlefield re-enacter standard. Or maybe not.

Flecktarn sell SOME good kit, if you look past the webtex c###. that they push.

Maggie made Britain great, Blair f##### it up again !!
what exactly is it you want. if it is british kit, then the-outdoor.co.uk is excellent and quite cheap. or if you want grade 2 kit (its hardly gd 2!) britishmilitarysurplus.co.uk is bloody brilliant. i have got a few items from there, and some of it looks like it has never even been used!


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