Anyone used eBid?

I have the fecking hump with eBay and having to use paypal - more bloody fees!!!!

Has any one used eBid, it is touted as being the second biggest online auction site.


Presumably, you mean for selling items rather than buying?
eBid may be the second largest but suspect its market share is still way, way below eBays. I agree that eBay fees are now ridiculous but then it is giving you access to a huge market.

In the end I guess it comes down to what you are selling. If it is something with an established value and widely sort over then using eBid might be a better option. But if you're looking to get the maximum value for an item then eBay, I think, is still the way despite the heavy fees and pain-in-the-arse policies.

But probably the best advice is to do a market test and sell a similar item on both sites and see which one in the most profitable.

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