Anyone used an issued EOD helmet? Shall i buy?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by stab_spr, Nov 19, 2006.

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  1. Am sick of issued helmet due to numerous obvious reason that every soldier knows of... Am in an EOD unit and am thinking of getting a surplus EOD issued helmet? Any help?
  2. Obvious reasons?!

    Mine's been fine for the last decade and a half?

    Are you going to buy from an Govt Surplus shop?
  3. When fully laiden with kit and firing just can't get that field of view... been up and down every size appllicable to my head...Yes will be buying from gov surplus...
  4. If youre fully loaded and firing, as a Sapper in Afghan, something has gone savagely amiss. Dig in, call an airstrike.

    I can see your point, but wouldnt bother. Really.

  6. Good vid link Priam.

    Kinda explains what I failed to put into words in my previous post!!
  7. Why on earth…?
    Obviously you have never had to work in an EOD helmet for any length of time!
    There is no size adjustment apart from tightening up the crown and removing the neck brace.
    You can not wear a radio headset under it.
    Your helmet cover will not fit.
    If you can’t shoot with the Mk 6 combat helmet you have no chance with the Mk 4 EOD helmet.
    You will sweat like a pig.
    They stink to high heaven when they have gotten sweaty.
    Ask any Operator and he will tell you that any change he has to drop the suit and helmet and just wear a combat helmet and body armour he will take it.
    If there is a market I could get hold of a couple so in Ebay stylely:

    “SAS, SBS, ATO, BDO Genuine Mk 4 EOD Helmet – actually worn by Bomb Disposal Hero on operations”

    Low reserve at £500.00 plus £200.00 P&P.
  8. not really on about full on eod helmet used for iedd etc more the small combat eod helmet used mainly by BDOs at 33 RE