Anyone used an issued EOD helmet? Shall i buy?

Finally decided i friggin hate issued helmet due to week long ex in seny... Too heavy, Too big and might as well put a blind fold on when in prone with full kit... I'm in an EOD unit and as such could get away with wearing an issued EOD helmet and am toyin with idea of buying one? Any help would be great...


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Working on the assumption that I'm not responding to a wah and trying not to be too nasty, don't buy a helmet for a whole number of reasons:

1. If it's too big, exchange it.
2. If it's too heavy, do some neck exercises (I can't see an EOD one being any lighter!).
3. If it's stopping you lifting your head when you're in the prone position, either:
- Adjust how you carry/pack you kit.
- Adjust your helmet straps/fittings.
- Do some neck exercises.
4. Cost.
5. Do you know the history of the helmet you're buying? People don't buy second-hand motorcycle helmets because they don't know what's been done to them.
6. Will you be allowed to use it in theatre if it's not issue? When it comes to helmets and body armour, probably not.

I'm assuming that you are relatively new to the Army if you've only just discovered week-long exercises in SENTA - you will learn to love your helmet (no puns intended!!!!) in the same way that you love your wife - may be annoying at times but you wouldn't be without them for the world.

If you really want to spend money on kit - buy a decent pair of boots (lots of advice in this forum).

That said, if you are really struggling with the Mk 6, and your CoC will allow you to wear the EOD helmet, speak to an old sweat.

- If it's issue and you are in an EOD unit, you may be able to get it legally - ie issued to you.
- If you're unit is struggling to get it, the old sweat may be able to proff one through the system.


If you are talking about the EOD helmet issued for use with an EOD suit - yes buy it!! You will be the envy of your unit with your thick visor, small useless fan and limited ability to move your head. The inability to attach cam or fit a helmet cover will ensure the Sergeant Major always knows how to spot you and the full face design will ensure yoou do not hear any orders issued to you.

Go on, buy it, the SAS use them
I'm guessing you mean the black EOD helmet from the mine clearance suit? As seen on ebay.

Not the EOD suit type as RF says.

Go on buy one. Probably on ebay due to failing test/shelf life.
If so its the mark 6A and they are going to be general issue soon
Or so im told
Owing to us deploying to hot and crazy places

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