Anyone use TMobile 3.5G Cards?

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Papa_Lazarou said:

Sounds very good, 1.8mps speed in 3.5G areas, has anyone used these? Why would anyone want a £44 over a £29? Can you play 2142 using it ?

Any advice appreciated!

The difference between the £44 and £29 packages is the incorporation of VoIP facilities on the higher price plan.

Not sure where you have the information about 3.5G from? A 3G network will support up to 384Kbps, and is currently the emerging technology in the UK mobile cellular networks... the only progression from 3G onwards so far is research and development in Japan.

I suspect the 1.8 Mbps you quote relates to the data rate you could obtain via the "Wireless Hot Spot", which is effectively the same as your wireless modem on broadband at home, but provided by T-Mobile (amongst others) at specific locations. See the list of those on T-mobile's webiste, they include places like Starbucks, MacDonalds etc

Hope this helps,


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