Anyone use the A41 near Newport?

I've recently received a speeding ticket for driving at 57mph in a 50mph zone on the "A41 Chetwynd Aston towards Newport".

As someone who generally keeps within the speed limit, I'm a bit miffed at receiving my first ticket in over 30 years of driving. Also, using the Home Office guideline of Speed + 5mph + 10% , that puts me bang on the borderline.

Now, I've been wondering a bit.... If my speed was 57mph, then it was likely that I thought that the speed limit was 60mph, which would be the norm for that particular class of road.

If I've missed a sign, then fair enough, I should have been more alert. But then again, what if the copper with the speedcam has slipped up and mistakenly reported the limit as 50mph instead of 60mph?

I've just looked on a speedcam website and they report that mobile cameras are often used on this stretch of road and that the limit is 60mph. Of course, it may be out of date.

So, is there anybody who can confirm what the speed limit is on this particular bit of road?

Thanks in advance.


Your best bet is to re-drive the route (slower this time) to cfm. Your ticket will tell you how long you have to either pay or go to court on it so always worth the effort.
A mate of mine got done recently in Brighton - speed 33mph in a 30mph zone. They applied the 10% very strictly on this occasion and no mention of the + 5. Sorry.
I would re-drive the route if it were practical. Trouble is, it's 3 hours away, not on the route to anywhere that I'd normally go to and the fuel cost would be more than half that of the fixed penalty.

If the limit is 50mph, I'll put my hands in the air, my fault etc. But, being a mobile camera, there's also the possibility that somebody has entered the data incorrectly.
its 10% +2 not +5. As far as I am aware acpo advice has not changed on this (but I am not a rat)

Your best bet would be either the local auhtority highways department or if they are not responsible the Highways Agency. They can tell you the speed limit for that piece of road.

Sorry about that, you'll notice that my calculation was actually based on speed limit + 10% + 2mph, not 5mph as I stated.

Anyway, I've just phoned West Mercia Police and they advise that to the best of their knowledge, the speed limit is generally 60mph in that area (caveats for temporary roadworks etc.)


Having Google mapped the area and my route, I'm of the conclusion that something's not quite right....

1. The A41 wasn't on my route (M6, M54, A5 to Holyhead). To have been there, I would have to have been lost, 20 miles off route and travelling north instead of west.

2. I stopped for breakfast at a garden centre near Shrewsbury at about 10:20, leaving at about 10:45. To have been at Chetwynd Aston at 11:00, the stated time of the offence, I would have needed to travel east at about 140mph.

3. To have then reached Holyhead by 13:00 (last check-in time for the ferry), I would have had to AVERAGE 70mph - route planners tell me that it's a 3 hour journey.

I think I'll contest the fine.
putteesinmyhan I have just had the dreaded letter from West Mercia Police.. 61 mph in a 50 mph zone. thought it were national speed limit .. no 50mph signs seen..A41 Chetwynd Aston toward Newport. it was me driving bang to rights.
how did you get on? offered a speed awareness course before i pleaded guilty.. which is most unusual,al. with merseyside and north wales police you have to admit responsibility before they hang you...
I was dead lucky!

The speed limit on the road where I was caught by a mobile camera was 60mph - if I'd been in a car. Unfortunately I was in a van and hadn't known that a common or garden (non-car-derived) van was subject to the lower limit of 50mph. So I was caught bang to rights.


After a bit of checking, I discovered that I hadn't actually driven on the A41, but had stayed on the A5. Evidently the police car with the speed camera must have changed location and the copper hadn't recorded the move. As the paperwork said A41 rather than A5, the nice people at West Mercia decided to let me off. While the photo that would have accompanied the record of speeding would have shown me exceeding the limit on the A5, I presume that it would have been a bit embarassing for them to change the documentation.
...and I might add that although I've used an A41 in many parts of the north of England, on Salisbury Plain and in Germany, I've never used it near Newport...
They don't even have to be big, just not car-derived. And a wonderful anomaly is the Citroen Berlingo - it's actually a van-derived car but the van is classed as a car for speed limit purposes.

As for owning a Land Rover, is it a van or a car? Evidently it's got nothing to do with whether or not it has side windows, it just depends...

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