Anyone use a Powerbeathe?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JayCam, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. After a friend of mine swearing blind about his success using a Powerbreath (, I went ahead and bought one today.

    It cost me an extortionate 60 pounds but if you are short on cash you can buy the old models which are apparently exactly the same in everything but appearance from Argos for 30 pounds.

    I have only used it once so far and its obviously too soon to see if it works yet but it certainly FEELS like its going to work. There is medical evidence supporting the manufacturers claims and the NHS apparently perscribes a mild version to asthmatics with good results so hopefully I havnt just flushed 60 quid away haha...

    Anyway just wondered if anyone had any experience using one. If so, how do you find it?

    For anyone thinking of getting one get either the red version or the black ironman one (both the same, just free DVD with ironman one and it looks cooler) as anyone approaching the fitness level required for the army will have no problems with this on its lowest setting. The highest setting however, wont even let me take one breath!

  2. I got a blue one a few years ago after reading an article on simulated altitude training.

    Apart from freezing my throat (you will feel the cold blast of air when you use it) I can’t say I got any real benefit from it. I know that the med types swear by it for certain ailments, but feel it done less for me than punching the bag for an hour a night.
  3. Cool. I didnt feel a cold blast when I used it.. wonder why you did lol?

    I was reccomended to get the red or black model as if you are pretty fit the blue and green ones wont do anything apparently? Not sure. I will report back when I find out lol.

    But yes, it certainly isnt (or is meant to be) a replacement for cardio! More of a suppliment as far as I understand.

    Thanks for the response,

  4. No, no. Don't! Machines are not your friend, honestly. It could work on a fitness type, however, when you stop using it your fitness will go to pot pretty much again.. try doing your own forms of cardio vascual/ respiratory work, I used to think I should invest in one a short while back when I couldn't run for penny nor pound, but now from working hard.. it's a miracle :D
  5. I have the Elite Athlete red model, as a very keen fitness twat, i can say that it does improve lung capacity and also easier breathing whilst exerting yourself during physical pressures. It is used by people like Tim Don (World triathlon champion) and other top athletes within the British arena, and is a proven device.
  6. Agree that it's not a quick fix, but that wasn't what I was hoping. I was hoping it would be an aid to my training, not a replacement. I am allready pretty fit, just looking for that extra OOMPH!

  7. I might actually buy one, A) When I get enough money to blow and B) When I get nearer to selection for that extra OOMPH on the spirometry :D
  8. Cool! Good to hear someone has had success with it. If anyone does buy one here is a word of advice:


    I did about 200 breaths on it last night trying to find my "training load" and I found it pretty hard to breath for about 4 hours afterwards. I think its difficult to notice that you are getting tired when using it and its easy to overdo it.

    Does seem like its going to work though. I struggled with 30 breaths on level 1.5 yesterday and today it was a bit easier. It must be doing something! (better be, for 60 squids lol).

  9. So if I buy one, it'll focus alot more on improving my lungs? IRONLUNGS? WAHEY
  10. That's the idea! Its designed to increase your ablility to suck in air, not really anything else. But that in my opinion is a pretty good thing as anyone who will have attempted a 1.5m best effort will know! I always have to slow down a bit around minute 6 to get my breath to finish strong. I found this is the best tactic for me to get good times but if I could eliminate this break I would probably take another 20 seconds off my time which would get me into sub 10 minute land. (My goal is to make para time on the 1.5 :) )
  11. Oh right. I need to suck in air when i'm on the excercise bike.. sounds perfect to me :lol: Powerbreathe here I come (eventually)
  12. Mate not being cheeky,

    Ive got titanium body parts and i still do 1.5miles in around 8 mins, maybe you should revisit your training programme. If you need a prog that i have used PM me.
  13. I'll have a look at your program MYSELF, but some people are better than others, and the improvement is seen most at first ;)

    Let's not be competitive :D
  14. Feel free to send it over. I hope to one day achieve the same! But these things take time!

  15. Exactly, people seem to overlook the civilian life, needing willpower to go on a run, coming across people on runs occasionally.. lack of drive due to previously doing fark all.. they're all factors that need to be took into consideration when assessing a civilians standard of fitness :p

    (Aswell as the constant attraction of the Kebab shop)