Anyone understand "surplus disposal".

Probably don't meet EU construction and use regs, emissions etc. I doub't the are MoD possibly some other govt dept or a cancelled order.
Theyre non-UK spec (LHD to boot)

Not all the vehicles there will be Ex MOD, other Government agencies will have been allocated them and for whatever reason they wont have been utilised or needed.

Why buy em? buy 600, get a certain discount on spares and a decent warranty... look at Afghan. The spares will be costing a fortune and those from the OE Manufacturer will be discounted (yeah right) That alone will probably come well above the cost of those few hundred vehicles alone.
Try Blackbushe Market. I was there a while back and I overheard an individual talking to his chum outside the surplus stall.

" I worked in the stores, I was bringing £500 worth of gear here every week "
Probably something or other to do with the emisions test for new vehicles, if it doesn't pass the Euro 1 or 2 standards. The MoD have purchased vehicles that fail this, but these vehicles are for Telic and Herrick and won't be coming back to the UK.
Misread it. Thought it said "Slurpurs Disposal" and that you were referring to my mum.


With the money being spent on the TA's Defender 90/110 fleet on Project Thithonus, you'd think they'd at least put a TD5 engine in like the ones they're selling off!

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