Anyone transferred before?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by blacktoe, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. hey all, just wonderin if any of you guys are transferees at all? My mate has just transferred from Arty to engineers and he seems to think it was definitely the right decision.. better than joining the coppers. Ive been thinking along the same lines for a while now. Which are the specialist engineer units and how hard is to get into one?
    many thanks hope i get some replies.
  2. Define specialist?

    Air Support

    We're all specialists in some shape or form.

    have a shooftie at then ask the question again?
  3. Right. yes well i guess i was thinking along the commando/ para side of things. Has it all changed recently or is everyone still a combat engineer and then has a trade alongside that? I have no idea how the engineers trade side of stuff works, Is that along the right lines?
    I am commando trained and i have heard 59 cdo are turning into a regiment? Any ideas on that one? cheers
  4. Beware...another WALT..check his posts. :evil:
  5. As you're already in, I'll give you an insight - you may want to think twice about joining a Specialist Team. There are two clues as to what we really do. Firstly the name, Specialist Team gives away the fact that we're not the run-of-the-mill Army. Secondly, the number associated with the Team begins with a "5." In Army circles, this is akin to the fictional "00" prefix.

    We lead a double life. The side that we show the public (including other branches of the Armed Forces) is that of a laid-back construction design organisation. The reality is very different. Using our cover, we can infiltrate most organisations, whether civvy or military, domestic or foreign.

    Ever wondered why Specialist Teams spend so much time abroad in so many different places? In a word, intelligence gathering. The pedants will have noticed that this was two words. This is an example of spreading misleading information in respect of our true capabilities. We've learned, over the years, that tongues loosen with alcohol. Hence why we do a lot of intelligence gathering in bars.

    You'll be aware that the RE has spawned several other branches of the Armed Forces. The RAF (via the RE Balloon Sqn), parts of the RLC (via the Postal & Courier arm, EOD and the Railway Companies), the modern Royal Navy (via the torpedo units) and so many more.

    What is not generally known is that the SAS, US Special Forces, Spetznaz, Al Qaeda and Mossad are all STRE organisations. We give the impression that they're all at each others throats to deflect investigation. The exception (slightly) is that of the Aussie SAS. They formed at about the same time as us and we've done a lot of training together over the years, but they are actually independent of us, although we tend to share information.

    If you're thinking of transferring, be prepared for a long wait. Selection is tough. Not only must you go through P Coy, RE diver, helicopter pilot and the PTI Advanced Course, you also have to learn a construction skill. It's this that sorts out the men from the boys - after all, any fool can be fit.

    But, if you think you've got what it takes, then give it a go. Just a warning though - now that I've let the cat out of the bag, you don't have any choice. If you're not on the next cadre, you'll be hunted down, killed and records will indicate that you've been back-squadded to Deepcut.
  6. RTFW.

    Read the fekkin Website. :wink: EVERYTHING you have asked is explained on there. If you cannot be arsed to research The Corps properly, fuck off and join the AGC.

    We'd expect those sorts of questions off kids wanting to join the RE, not serving soldiers who really should know where and how to find out the info.. Wanna be an Engr? Start using your head.

    Oh and Ignore that Puttee up my arrse bloke.. STREs are Support Team Royal Engineers, they just support the Plant Operators. Res Specs are the guys that go in once the Sappers have sapped into the enemy defensive positions and systematically rape and pilliage those positions, coming back with the information (resources) from the enemy. The most frontline of all Royal Engineers, the true Sappers behind the term Follow the Sapper. You can find reference to this in ELPS 6. (Downloadable off the Army Intranet.)

    Forwardly Mobile Independant Combat Resources. S'fekkin ace.
  7. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Always wanted one of those, but I thought that it was spelt weight?
  8. I'm not going to disgree. This is exactly the kind of disinformation that we've been trying to spread and Fatbadge is one of our best agents. Systematically brainwashed and just a touch of conditioner in the final rinse to give that nice fluffiness.

    Wish I had a quid for each Plant Op that I've supported (out of the bar after every bit of information has been drained from him).

    It's also true about the Res Specs. This was a STRE task until the information gathering process revealed that most of the front-line enemy were male.
  9. If you really want to do stuff that will get you the chicks, then I can only suggest you go for C3systems. - Command, Communication and Control.

    These are the guys who use Cold War, Soviet technology involving the use of airwaves to achive their three main aims - Command, Communicate and Control the soldiers, tanks, vehicles and equipment of the enemy. This is often done from outerspace.

    If you want to know anymore - PM me - this kind of stuff shouldn't be discussed on an open forum.

  10. Engineers in theatre do not wear their flashes as they are such a high priority target. This is absolutely true.

    Another specialist trade, not commanly known is 'KBR'. This is really for the people who like to wear bergins and run up and down hills at the weekends, this for the all the 9 sqn and 59ers. Even Res Specs cut the grade.
  11. Thank fk we got rid of the cling on posties.
    (Bring it on) the fkin geo is the next to go fk off as well, combat engineers is the fkin real deal always has been always will be.
    Res Spec,,,,only ma Cv!
  12. Well thanks for your helpful input. Having already read the info on the website thought some decent engineer blokes might just expand a bit on what its like to be an engineer. sorry to put you out mate. Ive met some great guys in the engineers and theyve all had fantastic can-do helpful attitudes and been real professional at their jobs and ive had nothing but respect for them. So in future i wont even think to go on ARRSE to ask questions or to get information off people who know more than me because thats whats so great about this website, the experience people bring to it and can share with others who will take the time to listen.
    Your reply is the kind of thing i would expect off schoolkids who dont want anyone to join the RE. Grow up!
  13. From your infantry thread

    Then from this thread

    Sorry mate but you just come across as a complete tw*t On one thread you ask about what the infantry do yet on this thread you claim to be commando trained. You must understand why people think your spouting sh*t.
  14. Hold on Fella.

    As said in the earlier post.. Read the website. It has ALL the information you need. It's not rocket science. You'll find the guys on the Sapper Forum ARE very helpful...

    ...unless we're dealing with a walt or a complete fekwit which you've managed to project yourself as. You wanted us to expand? That's not what you said was it. You simply asked for exactly what is written on the website..straight after being given the website link. You read it? My ARRSE!

    Toodlepip. Shut the door on your way out.
  15. Warned you all at the begining of this post, dont give this fuckwit the time of day. :twisted: He could also be this other fella ...Amiano who posted on the REME site, or am I just suffering from paranoia!! :?