anyone transfer to Int Corps?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by tired_chimp, Jul 6, 2007.

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  1. Hey,
    I'm getting fed up being a monkey, was wondering if anyone here transferred to Int Corps and how you're finding it?

    *awaits anti-monkey attacks*
  2. oh, and i've got two stripes, i'm not all up-to-date with what happens when you transfer....
    so what happens if you transfer?
    Lose a stripe?
  3. I transferred, had three, kept three. Never ever regretted it.

    Nearly 20 years ago, mind.
  4. You will keep your stripes if you have them sub, but will lose seniority. Plenty of ex-chimps doing fine but not all are adaptable. I recommend that you touch base with your local MI sect and talk to the bods there to get a feel for what we are about. they will give you the number for our recruiting people who will give you the current info on transfering.

    Now let the abuse begin1
  5. I transferred after 7 yrs in the REME - never regretted it once (this was over 20 yrs ago). Had one stripe and kept it (but lost seniority). However, I reached far higher rank than had I stayed in the REME, had far more of an effect on the world in general (i.e made a real difference), had a blast at every unit I served in (although as with all units some were more fun than others and some of the blasts were terrorist in origin :x ), and learned skills which I have built on in civvie st. I'm sure that the culture of the Corps is not something all would be comfortable with, but in terms of job opportunities it's unbeatable!

    A couple of RMP bods transferred around the same time as me - both made a success of it!

    Go for it or spend the rest of your career/life wondering :salut:
  6. That's not what you said at the time :wink:
  7. One of my best mates transferred from RMP to the Corps. He not only enjoyed himself but due to his background and family ties he had a posting of his choice. Remember you'll probably get on better in the Corps if you put in some effort. Some RMP end up being glorified barrier mechanics... For myself I had a choice transfer or become a Ration Storeman; no choice!
    18 years of laughing, crying and getting beer cheques...
  8. cheers guys,
    the stripes / seniority thing isn't a huge issue, i just need to escape being sent back 50-page final reports because the "STAFF - INVESTIGATION" bit at the top and bottom has a "small" hyphen instead of a "big" one.....
    it's an extremely petty world in the RMP, something i'd very much like to get out of.
    i'll need to speak properly with some int corps geeks - any dealings i've had with them in the past has left me feeling that they're inherently boring people with a job that could be really good!! :D
  9. you'll be happy in the Corps then; hardly anyone has seen JSP 101! Good luck.
  10. That's what I thought when I got stopped by the RMP for doing 42kmph in a 40kmph zone in Konjic. :x
  11. Managed to get through 18 years + and only recently found out that I am profoundly dyslexic. Its those who can think out of the box are the better Operators. Boring; perhaps, but have you met any real Operators!
  12. :D
    it was a bit tongue-in-cheek about the operatives i've met being boring.
    it's just that whatever the outside perception of the RMP is, we do have a really good laugh. sure, we get the knob-heads that drag it all down but by-and-large it's good fun outside the work environment... and any time i've ever come across int corps blokes in a social way they've maybe found the full RMP-cutting-loose thing a bit intense (see recent editions of the sun!) and stood back from it.
    fair enough though, there are two reasons a man joins the RMP - to dress as a woman and to get naked.

  13. Did you mean 'Boring? Perhaps, etc' . Pedantry lives.
  14. Hang on a bit...... he just said he was dislactic or however you spell whatever he's got
  15. JEEZ - Not another one .........Is there something wrong in the AGC then ??
    Oh sorry pal AGC (RMP). :)