Anyone think this could work?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Jerrycan2793, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. Ok, so for a long time Ive been thinking about this and im not sure if it would work but im going to share my theory anyway....

    The Firebrigade is Disbanded with their mandate passed onto the British Army. Obviously the Firebrigade budget would be passed onto the British Army along with all training and equipment.

    Obviously their would be a manning increase to cope with this and soldiers would be posted to Firefighting duties for perhaps a year at a time.

    No More Strikes
    More Trained Soldiers (Just incase total war comes along)
    Soldiers get to spend time near their home with family etc....
    Any more ideas?

    Ill let you guys fill this in

    And Yes, I am Bored, This is a Bone Thread but i figure it leaves space for some good old fashioned mockery of the firebrigade
  2. Get Gordon to pass a law outlawing fire.
  3. The Army will not be covering for the Fire Service anymore. The security firm RELIANCE had been awarded the contract to provide cover by the Govt and has recently been holding courses for their Staff to teach them how to use the Green Goddesses.

  4. Splash and Dash spend their nights asleep ,unless they are called out to work (work said with toungue in cheek)

    Its a start :p
  5. Thats the thing, Soldiers get a pay rise and a year on "splash and dash" would be good for morale as the lads and lasses get to spend time near family
  6. Hmmm, but what about Fireman Sam?
  7. He can join the TA
  8. Disband fire brigades throughout the country - create a charitable volunteer fire service, with funding from subscription.

    Each household pays an annual £10 subscription to their local fire brigade, those that don't subscribe get a £500+ callout fee (payable after the event) - volunteer firefighters are members of the local community who get an a callout payment, training payments, and a significant annual bonus.

    Do the same for ambulance, police, mountain rescue and lifeboats - if you aren't a subscriber, you get a callout charge, enforceable through the courts.

    Nice and simple, and replaces taxes and layers of bureaucrats with a local service

  9. Fuck em
  10. In france, local emergency services are organised on paramilitary lines. Its a great idea.
    Completely blue sky, but here goes............
    Local stations would be manned by appropriately trained Blue/green/light blue staff, as part of their normal harmony time. ( under the command of a Chief Stoker of course).
    FB support functions will be decivilianised, and placed under the remit of the appropriate SMEs, so Veh Maint goes to REME/Comms goes to Rsigs etc.
    The money spent on the civ FB/Ambulances goes to the Mod budget, current members of the FBU are allowed to transfer over with generous "grandfather rights".

    If only it was possible
  11. This is obviously a job for the Senior Service. Each of us does a full, one day course in fire fighting at HMS Phoenix (now known as HMS Phoenix plc - a Walt Disney company).

    This enables us to learn:-

    a) Which end of the hose to point at the fire

    b) That the little valve in the front of your breathing apparatus mask is commonly known as the 'tit' and it needs to be pulled out or pushed in at various times.

    c) That the senior rates running the course take great delight in shouting 'GET YOUR TITS OUT LADIES' at female trainees who forget to pull the valve out at the appropriate time.

    d) How to switch on the thermal imaging camera and use it to locate a cold, empty pit in a darkened mess if you arrive aboard ship in the dead of night. Thereby avoiding trying to get in to bed with one of your new shipmates - a criminal offence in my day.
  12. The what?
  13. Problem - Those who are most likely to have a house fire are exactly the same sort of people of are least likely to stump up the cash in the first place.

    Keep the current lot, but make it illegal for them to strike. Simple.
  14. The TA would effectively have to train not only to be Reserve Soldiers but Reserve Fire Fighters
  15. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Do they go to Withams and ask for the names and address' of everyone that bought them?

    Too much time of for the Army

    Can you imagine a regiment on four on four off with two nights sleeping duties

    All having second jobs

    No Never work theres nothing there for the lads to enjoy :wink: