Anyone the same on fitness?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by andyhud, May 2, 2008.

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  1. Ive been running every night now and do 3 miles every other night and on the others i do 5 milers.

    Anyway, im starting to slow down, as i stated in my other post.

    Anyone know why?

    Im very strong, and i do 100 situps a day, 50 in the morning and 50 at night, and they take my 1 second per situp, so basicly i do 50 situps in 50 seconds.

    Its exactly the same for pressups, i also weight train and now lift 60KG weights,

    So all my upper body is fine, im just slowing down with my running, but could someone tell me why this is happening?

  2. please use the search function...100's of 'why cant i handle it' threads...

    soz however ppl have forgot the search function..
  3. Have rest days to recover..
  4. on a more serious, as you are probably only bout 60-80kg anyways you are lifting a massive % of your body weight so of course you're gonna slow...cuz now you have muscles!
  5. Your muscle actually grows/develops when you rest! Its very important you rest! Give your body time to recover
  6. So basicly i'll just have to cut down on weight training.
  7. Cheers guys for the replies, I'll slow down on the fitness.

    Then blast it every other day like monday, wednesday, friday, sunday.
  8. Would you rather be the hulk, or speedy gonzalez. Think about it.. :p
  9. Both if i can, but i will take all your advice about the resting and concentrate on running.