Anyone tell me when the next Tiffy Board sits

Discussion in 'REME' started by vmmonkey, May 25, 2007.

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  1. Anyone know when the next board loading is for the next intake of new tiffys?
  2. No idea mate, but if your on it are you going to be Tiffymonkey?? :D
  3. Dont do it theyll cut out your spine and eat it :twisted:
  4. Duty rumour is that its July??
  5. OK thanks mate.

    Im not sure if im going to go for it, apparently the missus was told by her dad, a Colonel no less, that the course is hard and that they take no s**t, i was going to talk to the missus when i get home ask her if its an option to stay in and do it. Im on my way out.

    Is it worth it,? i know the promotion and pay prospects are better than i have now
  6. Why not stay in and do the course in her name, so as a cross dresser with relations in high places it should be a breeze!!
  7. Was told that its 2 yr postings after you pass your tiffy, you still have to pass your PAAB, and their are rumours running that when asked, the guys on the courses when you first applied before deployment, which would they prefer, a 18 month HND with 8 weeks management training or a 6 month management course, was informed that the guys apparently said that the 6 month would benefit them more while still picking up their ssgt. Im sure there are guys on here that can help you more with other specific questions you have.
  8. My pet Tiffy( i say pet as every one calls them my tiffy, like an animal 'my dog'), has a three year posting.

  9. As crusty old Artisans we have to look after our lovely fragile new tiffy straight from Bordon. I hope you remember to let yours off the leed occassionally M_I_T_C Remember to keep quiet about my past 8O
  10. No probs about the Iron :wink:, i just love thet way that most of them Commanded some sort of AFV as a screw. Who you calling old any way?