Anyone TA AGC?

Yes, I would recommend.

Are you a regular about to leave? Join the TA and get onto the year 5 bounty in your first year so long as you have not had more than 3 years out. In the London area lots of units have vacancies. The big problem for a lot of TA is the demarcation between the day staff and the SPS clerks, but with a good job description and a good PSAO there are lots of good jobs to be had.

The rank range is quite low in most units. We only have one SSgt slot, that is as far as you can go. SDR took away our Q, but it differs from unit to unit and is not the same scale of LSNs that you would expect from a regular unit.

Lots of chances for jollies with other units if your own camp looks a little dull, just need to establish yourself in the SPS network.
Liz, always thought it was 3 years. This is the para that supports my view, although from reading regs, it looks like they get the three year bounty not the 5. I am more than happy to stand corrected!

7.063. Reckonable Service. Qualifying service for the different grades of the training bounty is as indicated below, subject to the proviso that there has been no single break in such service in excess of 3 years:
a. Years of voluntary service in the AER or TA or part time service in the UDR or R IRISH(HS) when not called out for permanent or home service and in which the full training bounty has been earned by the completion of annual training;
b. Years of service in the reserves of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force when not called out and in which the full training bounty has been earned by the completion of annual training;
c. Not less than 3 years full service as a regular officer or soldier in any of the 3 Services, or 3 years full time service in the TA NRPS or UDR or R IRISH(HSFT), or a combination of both amounting to 3 years in total, which for the purpose of this training bounty is to count as equivalent to the same number of years of voluntary service in the TA in which the full training bounty had been earned by the completion of annual training
The CO of a TA unit can waive the break in service rule at his discretion. If he doesn't do so then any ex-reg joining the TA over the limit will have to do all their training (incl basic) again. Whether he will do so really depends on what Rk/Cl and LOS you had when you left (and probably how desperate they are to recruit you :) ).

On the bounty issue as an ex-reg you go straight onto a full bounty provided you have the necessary min service. The TA reg quoted refers to many years ago when a full bounty was achieved after 3 yrs hence the equiv 3 yrs reg service. I'm out of the Army now so I can't check if your copy of TA regs is missing the relevant amendment or if this para just hasn't been changed to conform with the changed bounty.

How do you find it? - Look in the phone book under Army and ask your local units if they have any vacancies. Jeez, I hope you can learn to figure such simple things out for yourself if you do join.
Depending on the unit you eventually go for, you have plenty of opportunities for other skill training.
I managed to get a fair bit of time doing Cloud-punching(when the TA had AAA). , BUT
it's horses for courses, you make of it what you want too
It does help like others have said if your civvy staff and PSAO-PSI/SPSI are willing to let you do other stuff too.
Only concern at the moment is the effect that JPA will have on manning, as that's not been covered yet.

AGC in a TA unit can be really good - you get to do all the stuff the guys in your unit do, with the bonus if that they're doing something bone, you can play the "essential admin!" card. :D

Promotion is fast until Corporal, and then dead mans shoes, which can be a pain - I spent a very long time waiting for the old boys to get too old to play any more, and now there are people in the unit to who I am the old boy.

There's always a post for you if you get hacked off with your unit, and fancy a change of scene, as few people see the positive aspects of the AGC, and they're not sold very well either.

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