Anyone still play WOW?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by techgerman, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. This might seem like a thread thats been done before but im about to start the game ( so yes i'm a noob).

    Has anyone got any advice on character creation and what i need to do because i haven't got a scooby?

    Any help would be good. :D
  2. check pm's :oops:
  3. Sadly yes still playing (was never a CoD or console fan).

    I'm on Chamber of Aspects (Horde) mate. If you're on that server / faction I'll hook you up with a few bob & some bags to ease your start to the game.

    Want my advice - if playing the game frequently with other people is a big factor for you - roll a paladin or druid. This will ensure automatic groups in the LFG system if you play as a tank or healer (as opposed to waiting 15-20min for a group as a damage dealer) & will provide you with greater diversity & subsequent enjoyment as you can experience all the roles on offer.
  4. once you're high enough, the random dungeon finder is pretty damn speedy for levelling too
  5. I used to play, many years ago, but not played for ages. Is it still addictive?
  6. Hideously so!!! And the new expansion should be out this year :D
  7. you bunch of..........


    (real men play Total War)
  8. omg...WTF!!! :D
  9. i've been thinking about picking it up again, just worried it's going to eat my life again, it's like bloody crack!
  10. I'm trying the trial version, can see how you can get into it.
  11. I haven't touched it since i bought CoD2, i now have a new addiction in my life. As Glasgow said, Paladins and druids are the best to play and all round experience.
  12. If you've got that addictive type personality, you could get just as hooked on watching EastEnders or plucking your eyebrows! All my family play it and have no problem leaving it alone for days at a time, or just popping in to do 'dailies' and going off again. Depends on the type of person
  13. Admittedly the big raiding guilds can get a bit pushy.The guild I'm in are all friends and family who know each other in 'real life' so I guess we don't have that pressure....the only thing we get pushed into is drunken guild-meets :D
  14. Aye, I can see how that would happen, thankfully not to me and mine! Again, I suppose it's down to the kind of person the player is, if they have those obsessive/addictive type traits then I can see how it could take over. I started playing because my partner did, and it was something we could do together, rather than me nagging him to come and watch shite on tv with me.
  15. i use to play and my god is this game addictive. i once started playing at 7 pm and apart from somone toilet breaks, easily played through til 5 am without even noticing. the problem is that there are no 'checkpoints' as it where and therefore nothing to stop you thinking im done for the night.

    my twin brother still plays and can vouch for above posts re aggression. anything that means spending 5 mins off it is like you have just brought his mother in the room, pushed her on her knees and shot her between the eyes..

    my advice is play xbox. battlefield 2 is excellent and you still maintain your social life!!