Anyone Start Winchester 8th Jan?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Robbo_Qrl, Dec 21, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone start winchester on the 8th of Jan?
  2. start what trainning, their car, touching boys be more specific
  3. Training Hopefully
  4. oh i see well i am not hope this helps
  5. Me too, Cheers
  6. you too what ?
  7. Hope it helps ok boss?
  8. well did it
  9. Not as of yet! but there are still 18days left untill training starts so hopefully somebody will notice this topic!
  10. Its going to be the worst 12 weeks of your life you will know nothing but pain and heart ache. Just keep one thought in mind if you hadnt been such a retard at school you could have got a decent job. Have a nice christmas

  11. This is the stupidest thread on joining an ATR I've ever read.
  12. Some advice for Life aswell as training , Don't listen to everything people tell you ! Have a sense of humour your going to need it ! . The other bloke is right to a certain extent the next few months of your life will be the hardest you will face but if you listen , are well prepared , physically and mentally and take on board what the NCOs teach you , you will survive and hopefully for you be an asset to Queen and Country !
  13. I think it's quite formative really. It's shown that a young lad is interested and keen enough to tout for some muckers before he actually arrives at training thus giving him a head start and a bond with others as well as him hopefully realising that you are a cunt with the penis of a new born fly.
  14. Well said this board was put here to help people not break them before they've even got off the train! I'm sure you were a recruit at some point during your career if you can remember that far back !
  15. Precisely, noidea is in my intake, I have also spoken to a guy joining up from the same careers centre as me going in on that date, thats 2 people i know before i even get there, nuff said.